Fenix P2D-CE Q5 Premium Black (Premium Q5, Cree Edition), SuperBright 1XCR123A LED Flashlight (6 Output levels) - 180 Lumens, tail switch
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Product Description

This is the new amazing bright Fenix P2D-CE Q5 Premium at 180 Lumens maximum. We have it in stock and ready to ship. The second generation Q5 version of CREE LED is a newly developed product. It is brighter, more power efficient and generates less heat than even a Rebel 100. Therefore, even at 180 Lumens, the battery can last 1 hour (battery is not included). It is similar to the P1D-CE Q5 but it has a smooth tail switch for easier operation. You can get the maximum 180 Lumens mode in one push of the tail switch. The P2D-CE Q5 is 0.9cm (0.35") longer than the P1D-CE. The Fenix P2D-CE Q5 is an ingenious mini flashlight with brilliant brightness and a digital circuit with 6 output levels that can be easily and conveniently slipped in your pocket/belt holster. With the characteristic inbuilt current regulation circuit and stable high brightness, Fenix P2D-CE Q5 is able to meet all your lighting needs whether you're a police officer, outdoor enthusiast or a person who appreciates a quality flashlight. Circuit Digitally Regulated for Constant Brightness. New ability to aid in an emergency. Super High brightness, Long Runtime, Compact size, Waterproof, Reliable tail switch with twist of barrel to select general and turbo mode. Input voltage: 1.5V~4V. 8.04 cm / 3.17 inch(L) x 2.1 cm / 0.83 inch(Dia). 38.2-gram weight (excluding batteries). Available Color: Black Limited one year warranty from Fenix.

  • Uses a 50,000-hours life CREE 7090 XR-E LED. This new LED is more powerful and efficient than the Luxeon V.
  • 6 Output Levels with tail switch and twist of the barrel (patented)
  • General Mode: 9 lumens (30 hrs) -> 40 lumens (5.5 hrs) -> 80 lumens (2 hrs) -> SOS, Turbo Mode: 180 lumens (1 hr) ; Strobe
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  • Previous version rated 5 stars at Flashlight Reviews: http://www.flashlightreviews.com/reviews/fenix_p2dce.htm
Customer Reviews:
  • Perfect maglite replacement...
    Ditch your old D-cell maglites and get one of these!

    A maglite will weakly light up part of a wall, this will light up an entire room... or the entire side of a house from 100 feet away...

    The odd CR123A battery size also means when the stores are sold out of D cells during a power outage, you will still have batteries available for purchase for your fenix :D

    Perfect emergency flashlight to keep in your glovebox. Super compact, and more light than you'll ever need......more info
  • handy emergency light
    I bought this light for emergency use. I picked this one because it's a lot cheaper than any Surefire flashlight, has multiple output settings, small, convenient, and uses the 5-10 year shelf life CR123A batteries. Since it's being used for emergencies, I needed a flashlight that was going to last a long time without being used much and also last long while it's being used. On it's lowest setting it will last continuously for 30 hours, great if you're in a disaster situation and in turbo mode, it's more than bright enough for signaling or searching. For more of the same, I also bought the Fenix P3D Premium Q5 with 215 lumen max and a low setting that last for 65 hours but it's bigger (2 x CR123a batteries). It is definitely one of the brightest flashlights I've found. The price is so much better than other flashlights at this output level. The surefire lights usually only have two lighting modes, aren't as bright and don't last as long and a lot more expensive, usually twice as much. So I've been able to buy two of these for the price of one surefire and leave the in the car and in our disaster pack.

    The only negatives is that the tail switch has no lockout for accidentally turning it on while in a purse or backpack and little protection for the lens.

    Another comment, not negative or positive, just an observation is that it's so small that it's a little difficult to turn on with your thumb while holding it in the same hand. But I got it because it's so small, which means that i'll actually carry it more often. The light is also round so it WILL roll off a flat surface.

    I find that i am using more often than i anticipated because it's so small, handy, and kinda fun to use at night while walking through the parking lot at night.

    Great light.

    PS. buy the batteries directly from Surefire.com, i haven't found them any cheaper anywhere else....more info
  • Fantastic light!
    Terrific light. It definately outperforms most of its competition. Very similar to Olight T10... except beam is a bit wider. It's certainly small enough to take absolutely everywhere and tucks pretty easily into just about any pocket. My only issue was Amazon's advertising, which in the pictured description says "battery included". But then in the product description area, it says battery not included. Bottom line- it's not, because the box it comes in, is not the one in the main photo. Just know that first. But also know that you're getting one helluva flashlight!...more info
  • Amazing keychain-sized light
    It may seem expensive, but this light totally outperforms the competition. It goes on a keychain, is blindingly bright in turbo mode (180 lumens!), and has three lesser brightness levels besides. ...more info