Seculine R2-UT Wired / Wireless Remote Shutter Controller
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Product Description

The R2-UT Remote Shutter Controller provides both wired and wireless infrared remote release capability as well as wired remote release for most current digital SLR Cameras. Additionally, a two second trigger delay is available. Using a remote control to trigger your camera's shutter ensures the camera is rock steady when it's mounted on a tripod. Remote triggering can also be used for those who want to get in the picture too. While the self timer is the obvious choice here, it does restrict the amount of time you have to get into the shot. This process is often rushed and having a remote control makes things much easier. The Seculine R2-UT offers an independent, lower priced alternative for Nikon, Pentax, Canon and Samsung camera owners. This egg shaped control measures just 60mm long, 38mm at its widest point and 12mm thick. It has a key ring attachment with quick release clip. It has a central button to fire the camera shutter and two switches at the side to set various modes. The left hand two-way switch allows instant and delayed trigger. In the delayed version you have a few seconds to hide the remote, making it perfect for self portrait shots. The right hand, three-way switch has options to set the trigger to fire and lock the shutter open on a camera with a B-setting (Bulb), to fire the camera after autofocus, or to fire instantly. ♦ This Remote Is Compatible With The Following Cameras: Canon Rebel (300D), Rebel XT (350D), Rebel XTi (400D), Nikon D70, D70s, D50, D40, D40x, D80, Pentax *istD, *istDs, *istDL, *istD2, K100D, K10D, K110D, Samsung GX-10, GX1L, GX-1S, etc.

Customer Reviews:

  • Slow and Unreliable
    This little device is not worth the money. It is very slow, cheaply made, and doesn't work half the time. If you are using it for HDR or landscape photography it isn't bad, but if you are using it for something that you need to freeze in the frame this remote fails horribly. Also, the 60 ft radius it advertises is not true. The best I've gotten from it is 15 ft. The "half-press" autofocus feature only works if you are using the cord, and if you have a Nikon that can only use wireless it renders that feature useless. This is just a cheaply made overpriced item. If you need a remote buy the ML-L3 that Nikon recommends....more info
  • Supports wireless and wire remote simultaneously - Versatile functions for various environments
  • High Compatibility - Supports various SLR cameras simultaneously without changing settings
  • Long Operation Length - Wireless range of 60 ft.
  • Delay Shot Function - Ability to release camera's shutter 2 seconds after release button operation
  • Compact Size - Easy to store or carry with keychain holder