Systems 300-FG-00009 Gatekeeper Pico Mobile Personal Security Server
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Product Description

Yoggie Gatekeeper is the world's first miniature security computer that fits in the palm of your hand. Packed with a robust hardened operating system and best-of-breed security software, Yoggie Gatekeeper's sole purpose is to protect your laptop. Finally, you can connect to any hotspot while enjoying the same level of security enforced within your corporate network. Just plug and forget - you are completely safe.Protect your computers from viruses, worms, spyware, and other security threats with technology used by the world's most highly guarded organizations. With the built-in security packages, including Firewall, Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, you will not need to purchase or manage additional security software for your PC's. This means that you not only save money, you are relieved from the installing and managing multiple security software licenses.

  • Stop security threats from ever reaching your laptop
  • Protect your laptop from the outside
  • Connect to any hotspot with complete piece of mind
  • Boost your laptop's performance
  • Built-in Parental Content Control
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor driver support makes this product useless
    I was given this product as a gift around 9 months ago and was astonished when I went to install it that is does not support 64 bit versions of windows vista and XP. I was under the impression that they marketed this towards as a semi "pro" security solution and it just seems ludicrous that they would not support the 64 bit versions of windows.

    Fast forward another 9 months and they still have not released 64 bit driver support... Off to ebay for this expensive paperweight I guess....more info
  • **Beware** USE WITH CAUTION
    This unit totally locked up my laptop on one of their anti-virus updates.......Tech support had "no solution" and I had to wipe my hard drive clean and do a factory reset loosing all my data and programs. Their Tech support NEVER returned 1 phone call and only emailed me.(they are out of the country and work different hours , they claim) They had never before seen this problem and needed photo's of my screen to verify what had happened....yet could not help in any way!!! After four days they said sorry we don't know how to correct this problem so you 'll need the start over... we can't help you and have no idea what happened....My Computer screen simply read in large letters "Gatekeeper and ATTENTION" and they were clueless........

    My take on this your money FORGET THIS product and get the best anti-virus and anti-spyware software you can.Systems 300-FG-00009 Gatekeeper Pico Mobile Personal Security Server...more info
  • Problems Down The Road
    My Yoggies (I bought two) worked ok until they were about 6 months old. Then they started overheating to the point of non-functionability and causing the computer hang others refer to. The Yoggie updater sits and spins and you can't get online. The green "Updating" box sat on my screen for two days last week until I gave up and started the process of dealing with Yoggie support. My phone response was almost immediate, but the tech was unable to help me with what then became the common "invalid password" issue. Online techs did a better job of identifying the problem, but the solution never came. During three days of convoluted and repetitive processes, I was literally unable to use the computer online unless I uninstalled Yoggie. Then the techs would ask me to repeat a process and I'd have to install and go back and forth. This went on for three days until I finally gave up and uninstalled forever. Now I have two expensive Yoggies sitting idle while I install new Kaspersky software. The Yoggie techs don't seem proactive or aggressive enough and there seem to be inherent issues with Yoggie that need to be resolved before it can be relied on to be the only security measure used by owners. What started out as an exciting alternative turned into a disappointing and expensive experience. Now I'm fighting to get a refund. ...more info
  • Corrupted my password. None existant tech support
    The documentation for this product is the most poorly written I have ever come across and I am a software tech support guy so I know a fair amount about what I am doing. After figuring out what the install guide was trying to get me to do, I got the thing installed but it wasn't working. I called tech support. The play this message saying that you are first in line for about 15 minutes then they let you leave a message and then you are kicked off. The trouble is that a.) they never call you back and b.) every time you call they play the "you are first in line" non-sense.

    After two days I was able to get through to them. The tech support person barely spoke english but eventually concluded that my software was not up to date. She had me update the software and in the process my password became corrupted. There is no way that I forgot my password but when I try to do anything with Yoggie it says my password is invalid.

    Now I can't get on the internet with Yoggie and the software it installed on my PC won't let me get online without the Yoggie. My computer is dead in the water and completely unable to do anything on the internet.

    Do yourself a favor before you buy this product. Try calling their tech support number and see what happens. You don't need to take my word for it....more info
  • much improvement needed

    the idea and versatility behind this product are great, but it ends there.
    if you shut down your computer as i do, it must be unplugged via usb port, then plugged back in to reboot its own computer, then your computer recognizes it.
    this is with the yoogie software properly installed! it also locks you out of your on-line connection during this time until it is reinstalled and rebooted. be sure to have easy access to the usb port you use this on, you'll be spending alot time there. Extremly Frustrating! the little speed gain i got from the yoggie versus conventional software products was quickly shadowed in the yoggie's boot up time. i run a dell labtop and xps 720 tower both running vista, and both have the same issues with this product. Also the anti-virus program is not compatible with vista, so the whole yoggie/pico package sits in the draw unused---free for the taking to someone i might not like. ...more info
  • Re-Re-Re-Boot
    I really can not review the performance of this item since it always caused my computer to reboot constantly. I tried three times to install the product and it did seem to work until the next time I would reboot. The computer would then stay in a reboot loop until I would stop it, go into safe mode, and do the recovery to a preinstall.
    ...more info
  • Protect
    Very happy with performance, but very slow to boot and when it needs to update it hijacks your browser. Only has overheated once....more info
  • Pico Personal
    The Pico Personal works very well in practice esp. in the scenario of always connecting my laptop various 'free' hotspots in different countries It did detect some webpages trying to deposit various viruses/malware on my laptop that I may have been otherwise unaware off.
    One of the best features that is implemented is the parental control which means I can let my child access the internet and not have to worry that if he searches for something legitimate like 'adult services' (pertaining to UK government departments) he doesn't get the other type of adult services.
    The only cons I have found using this product is
    * It can get a little hot while running due to the onboard processor
    * The generated graphs only lead to paranoia
    * The company documentation says you can do away with the need for installing all other security software on your machine. This can lead to a false sense of security esp in regards to a virus checker as the device only analyses internet traffic and not data transferred via CD, USB etc.
    However they do Yoggie do provide a copy of the excellent Kapersky AV on the disc.
    All in all would I buy one again - well I liked it that much I bought Yoggie Security Systems 101-FG-00003 SOHO Small Office Security Appliance so that I could protect my home network inc. wireless as well...more info
  • Faulty Product
    I had ordered the item but it did not work with my computer and had to return as faulty product....more info