Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon EOS 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, & Mark IIn SLR Digital Cameras
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Product Description

The Opteka Remote Control Set is a 16 channel Radio Remote for operating digital cameras at distances up to 320ft (100m). The Opteka Remote Control Set consists of two parts: a receiver/trigger that connects to the camera's cable release socket, and a separate sender. The remote can have a range of up to 100m under optimal conditions, and it features a two-position switch, for focusing operation or shutter release. Batteries included for instant usage.

  • With the receiver connected to your camera's remote control socket, you can press the button on the remote control to trigger your camera's shutter wirelessly!
  • Range up to 100m(320ft.) without obstacles
  • Can activate auto focus, release shutter, activate continuous drive mode or keep the shutter open for bulb photography as well
  • The shutter button can be pressed halfway or all the way.
  • Number of control output channels: 16 channels available
Customer Reviews:
  • Not Happy With Optika Wireless Remote
    I purchased the Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for my Canon 40D camera. On the average, it is necessary to push the button 12 on the remote transmitter button until the shutter finally trips. I ended up purchasing a manual wired shutter release [also from Amazon, Satechi XL 10 Foot Remote Release Cord] for 25% of the price of this unit.
    ...more info
  • Works very well
    I am using this to trigger a Canon 40D on my tripod and a tall fiberglass pole. It works very well. You may want to carry a larger rubber band to attach it to your tripod when doing HDRI or windy condtions....more info
  • ok, for its price
    i usually use my trusted Quantum FreeXwire transceiver for remote triggering but i need something a bit smaller and can fit in the pocket.

    so, i got this little unit.
    broke the antenna on the first day of usage!!
    i only need to remote trigger no more than 10 feet.
    a lot of miss fire.
    tried different frequency.
    didn't help with the miss fire.
    the battery to operate this thing ain't cheap and it's not the normal AAA stuff.
    some weird tiny (smaller than AAA)cylindrical battery about $15 each from Radio Shack.

    if i really NEED the shot, better use my Quantum transceiver.
    but then again, the Quantum is almost $400 and with motor drive cable....that put you over $500.

    ...more info
  • Cheap & Cheerful
    I have been photographing urban wildlife over the last 6 months and needed to add a wireless remote to my arsenal. I use an EOS 5D & I wasn't surprised to find Canon's own remote unit, LC-5, priced at $400. Too expensive for me, after some net research I found the Opteka and took a chance. OK it's not exactly Rolls Royce quality engineering but what the heck, it works perfectly & from over 200' away. I hope it lasts!...more info