Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, XTi, & XSi Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

The Opteka Remote Control Set is a 16 channel Radio Remote for operating digital cameras at distances up to 320ft (100m). The Opteka Remote Control Set consists of two parts: a receiver/trigger that connects to the camera's cable release socket, and a separate sender. The remote can have a range of up to 100m under optimal conditions, and it features a two-position switch, for focusing operation or shutter release. Batteries included for instant usage.

Customer Reviews:

  • Really good product and as usual 47th Street got it here fast.
    I bought a wired remote that I had to buy an extension for to use. But even though the extension is 8 feet long it is inadequate when you are trying to take some pictures. When I saw this device I knew I needed to have it. I used this yesterday to take pictures of my daughter and her family. Simple hold the camera and shoot? No - They were on an uncooperative horse. The solution is a tripod a good camera, lens and this remote. I don't usually use auto focus in this instance I needed to. The horse did not like the whole situation and so I just set the camera on a tripod away from the horse and started shooting. After about 100 high res shots I was able to get what I needed. But, holding a camera and approaching a horse is not always the best way to go. This remote worked great. It does time out to conserve batteries etc but 95% of the time it will never be an issue. I was standing about 50 feet from the camera at times with no problem. There was one problem though - My two year old granddaughter wanted to "push button" but that is another story. ...more info
  • Works great
    The wireless remote works great. It controls the camera and allows you to auto focus before releasing the shutter. Best of all the remote does not have to be directly in front of the camera to work....more info
  • Opteka Rocks
    This is a great choice for an amateur or pro. Shoot one or a hundred, from behind your back, in your pocket, across the room, or behind the camera. Great investment over the infrared remotes because you don't need to focus the beam on the camera, and distances are limited with those. ...more info
  • Great remote
    Product works great. I was able to be in a picture of with my family at a reunion. The device is not line of sight so it was not necessary for it to be visible.

    Absolutely fabulous product....more info
  • With the receiver connected to your camera's remote control socket, you can press the button on the remote control to trigger your camera's shutter wirelessly!
  • Range up to 100m(320ft.) without obstacles
  • Can activate auto focus, release shutter, activate continuous drive mode or keep the shutter open for bulb photography as well
  • The shutter button can be pressed halfway or all the way.
  • Number of control output channels: 16 channels available