Opteka Wireless Radio Remote Release for Nikon D80 and D70s SLR Digital Cameras
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Product Description

The Opteka Remote Control Set is a 16 channel Radio Remote for operating digital cameras at distances up to 320ft (100m). The Opteka Remote Control Set consists of two parts: a receiver/trigger that connects to the camera's cable release socket, and a separate sender. The remote can have a range of up to 100m under optimal conditions, and it features a two-position switch, for focusing operation or shutter release. Batteries included for instant usage.

Customer Reviews:

  • Don`t waste your money on this remote
    This remote is too pricey for what it does. I bought one from 47th Street Photo expecting a brand new product. Instead it was a used one based on the scratches on the product and the sticky grime that came with it. It makes the camera take slow shutter release shots resulting in blurred photos. I felt I wasted my money buying this remote. And what made it worse was being given a second hand product when in fact I ordered a brand new product. I would never buy anything from 47th Street Photo again. I have been buying from Amazon for several years now with full confidence. I`ll think twice before buying anything from Amazon after this. They don`t screen their sellers well....more info
  • With the receiver connected to your camera's remote control socket, you can press the button on the remote control to trigger your camera's shutter wirelessly!
  • Range up to 100m(320ft.) without obstacles
  • Can activate auto focus, release shutter, activate continuous drive mode or keep the shutter open for bulb photography as well
  • The shutter button can be pressed halfway or all the way.
  • Number of control output channels: 16 channels available