Morris Single Channel Wireless Radio Trigger Kit with Transmitter & Receiver
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Product Description

The 11245 radio trigger kit is for any photographic flash unit. The kit contains two parts, a 1 channel transmitter, which has a PC outlet for a PC sync cord, and a 6.3mm sync jack for studio flash. A seoerate 28mm sync cable is also included for the radio transmitter without using the hot-shoe contact. An advanced circuit design enables the wireless signal to be encoded, hence maximum protection of interference from other radio frequencies can be achieved. Also, camera shutter flash sync can be up to 1/1000 second. The transmitter runs on a replaceable 12 volt battery which is good for 20,000 exposures. The receiver runs on two AA 1.5 volt batteries good for about 30,000 exposures. Both units have a stand-by mode which conserves power. Additional receivers ( # 11138) are available for multiple flash set ups

  • Sensitivity up to 80 feet away.
  • Battery Saver Circuitry.
  • Transmitter: 1 Channel to Avoid Interference Mounts Directly to Shoe Mount or Sync Cord. Encoded Transmission Test Button.
  • Receiver: Mounts Directly to Shoe Mount or Sync Cord. 6.3mm Jack for studio Flash Unit. Built-in PC Female Sync.