ip camera NC-1000
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Product Description

IP camera NC1000 features a standalone system, which means a camera and a computer combined in a small package. Built-in capture module and web server provide users to view images through IP network (e.g. LAN and WAN) with a browser on any computer connected to network. And it can be installed easily and friendly by using a IP configuration software to assign an IP to your IP camera. UP to 30 FPS Performs High Quality Service to Multiple Users Infrared - Night Vision GPIO Enables External Trigger and Motion Alarm Output View with Browsers No Specific AP Needed Remote Record and Snapshot Control on Web Page

  • Up to 30 frames per second at 640x480 resolution
  • IEEE 802.11b wireless interface
  • Motion Detection Supports Upload Images to FTP &EMAIL
  • GPIO: External sensor / alarm connect - Built-in microphone
  • View with Internet browsers