Logitech diNovo Mini
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Product Description

Enjoy total control of your PC entertainment from your sofa. Palm-sized, cordless mini-keyboard fits in your hand and gives you optimal control and access of the PC entertainment you love, including browsing the Internet, watching TV, listening to music and playing PC games. Dedicated Windows Media Center controls optimize launch and navigation of Microsoft's popular entertainment platform. Integrated, dual-purpose ClickPad enhances control and access with innovative technology that can be used as a touch pad and a directional pad. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries give you up to one month of battery life. Bluetooth wireless technology provides long-range wireless control from up to 10 m (30 ft). Backlighting makes text entry effortless, even in low light.

  • Package Contents - Logitech diNovo Mini, USB Mini-receiver, Power adapter, CD with software, comfort guidelines and help center, User's guide, and Cleaning cloth
  • Use as a touch pad to point and click or as a directional pad to navigate menus and make selections
  • Backlighting - Makes text entry effortless even in low light with two different backlight colors- orange for cursor mode and green for media control mode
  • Bluetooth 2.0 - Enjoy long-range wireless control from up to 30 feet away
  • Thumb-operated keypad design
Customer Reviews:
  • Probably the best keyboard for a HTPC
    Works very well with a Mac Mini in spite of the fact it isn't officially supported. Been using it for a month and the battery is still going strong. The trackpad could be a bit more responsive in scrolling but the keyboard is great and doesn't miss a beat. ...more info
  • Good product but disconnect problem
    I bought this keyboard a couple weeks ago to use with my HTPC that runs on Media Center.
    It's exactly what you need if you want to be able to use both the regular keyboard and mouse mode (occasionally) or the remote control mode for Media Center (frequently).
    The switch from regular to remote could be a little more convenient though (very small slider switch near the mousepad).
    The keyboard itself is very small so don't buy this if you plan to do extensive texting like for emails. I use it to navigate Internet.
    The life spawn of the battery is great.

    However there is one problem, as reported by others, the bluetooth link will sometimes disconnect if you let the keyboard stand un-used for hours (and the PC is on or the PC is standby). This is one major issue for us HTOC users that want to put our systems in standby instead if shutdown.

    I haven't tried yet to replace the dongle as suggested by others.

    ...more info
  • Nicely built but really small
    I knew it was small, just didn't realize quite how small. Nicely built, but of no use for anything aside from a HTPC remote, and for that sole purpose its too expensive.

    They keyboard is too cramped for anything but the shortest typing, and the touch pad is too small, particularly on screens set to the resolutions an HD TV will support....more info
  • Expensive Gaget, Cute But Not Easy Use
    I bought this to use with my laptop in conjunction with a large external monitor. I needed to be at a distance from the laptop and needed a keyboard for text entry. I did not want a large keyboard / mouse combo because I didn't have a desk or table to put those items on in regards to the location of operation. Hence this seemed to be the perfect solution. Expensive but it looked practical.

    After a day of using this, I find that this keyboard is not too responsive and clumsy in comparison to a real keyboard / mouse.

    The mouse pad doesn't move as smoothly as one that is plugged in and the keyboard, while it may rival a blackberry keyboard is no prize either.

    Perhaps it is the remote USB - blue tooth connection that is slow. I don't know. However for the price I expected better. Unfortunately there are not a lot of mini wireless keyboards at this time.

    It does have some sleek features but in the the end you are buying it to be a wireless keyboard / mouse and to that end it is a little irritating to use. So if you need it, you are kind of stuck for now. If you have the luxury of a small table to use, I would recommend a more conventional cheaper wireless mouse and keyboard.
    ...more info
  • Great keyboard with one major flaw
    This is a great little KB. The back light is nice, the touch pad is nice and it combines function in a small package very well. It's a 5-star keyboard with one flaw that took 2 stars away from it.

    When the PC goes into standby for more than 1 hour, the KB locks up completely. The only solution is to remove the battery and put it back in - resetting the device completely. I contacted Logitech, and as of 11/2008 there is no fix for this problem. The problem isn't in the PC - it's in the remote, so hopefully Logitech will come out with a bios update that repairs it....more info
  • Yet Another "First Unit Defective, Second Unit No Different"
    Fool me once... shame on you.
    Fool me twice... shame on me.
    Fool me three times?

    First unit was DOA.
    The second unit worked for a few weeks and then the cursor / trackpad died. No backlight behind it; no cursor arrows lit; no mouse - nothing.
    I'm waiting on replacement unit #3 - since there isn't a competing product. If #3 doesn't work then I'm giving up.

    With so many strongly positive reviews I'm really surprised. Maybe it was a bad lot?

    ...more info
  • Great gadget.
    Great part of my travel packet. Would like "F" function keys but all else is great. Enjoy battery life. When I saw product in Frys electronics, I had to have it. Not an impulse shopper, but impressed at first sight and continues several months later....more info
  • finally a perfect wireless keyboard/mouse!
    Lightweight, easy to use, intuitively designed and BACKLIT! It is the perfect size and works perfectly out of the box. A HUGE improvement over previous Logitech wireless keyboards. The clam shell design protects it from damage and adds durability. Plus the battery is rechargeable (no more hunting for AA batteries) and lasts for about a week without recharging. Only takes a couple of hours to fully recharge and you can use it while plugged in. A bit expensive but worth every penny. I was glad to throw out my old Logitech diNovo keyboard and mouse! The mini sells for the same price but you will be singing its praises rather than swearing at it, getting your blood pressure high and thinking of smashing it against the wall like I have done with my two previous diNovo keyboards. You wont go wrong with this Mini. It is the best computer accessory I have purchased in a long time. Thank you Logitech for FINALLY getting it right!...more info
  • great peice of equipment
    I just recieved this item for use on a home theater system and I works great. I am in fact using it right now to write this review. If you text message with a phone this is the item you need because it works a lot like that. I has more feature but the reason why I got it is because it fits in the palm of your hand instead of having to mess with a big keyboard. I would advise anyone that was interested in this product to just buy it. You will not regret it....more info
  • very nice keyboard for the PS3
    I do like the size and ease of use of this product plus the keyboard does have a combination key entry for PS3 buttons (triangle, square, x and circle) but the home (PS) button doesn't work properly. That would be the only downfall I would say about this, otherwise it is a great option for PS3 web browsing and a good option when running Linux on the PS3 and using OpenOffice. ...more info
  • Great for computers that are hooked up to your flat screen TV.
    Best thing ever invented....

    My computer is hooked up to my Plasma TV and I had a wireless mouse and Keyboard. Problem was that I needed a flate surface to move the mouse and my keyboard was hard to use while on my lap. The diNovo Mini solved this problem, it combined a mouse and keyboard. The device is so small and energy efficient, it turns off when you close the cover and can be held with one hand. As an average computer user, I only need to charge this device once or twice a month. It uses Bluetooth with gives me a longer range. My old wireless, mouse and keyboard uses IR or radio waves which had a shorter range. Another great thing about this device is that the keys light up, so it makes it easier to type at night. There are other great ideas build into this device that would take all day to describe. Since I bought this device I haven't had any problems....more info
  • A handy little keyboard
    Very nicely done product, just a bit expensive. The pointer is a little difficult to use but it's not like you use this thing to surf the web for hours on end....more info
  • Nice little keyboard
    This is a great little keyboard. Just keep in mind that you will not be typing letters to grandma. It is way too small to for that but for just typing in website address or basic commands, it is fine. The only complaint is that if the room is dark you have to type a letter to get the keyboard backlighting to come on. The problem is you don't know what key you're hitting to get it to come on so you could hit a key that makes a movie pause or stop when you really meant to hit an innocent key to do something. Only when the key is pressed do you know what other key you really wanted to hit. Overall, recommended....more info
  • You never have too many gadgets
    This little keyboard is great. I sit on the couch with a big grin on my face because I no longer have to hang out right in front of the tv with a big unwieldy cordless keyboard and mouse. I find the touch pad to be as easy to use as that on any laptop. I love being able to move
    the cursor and type with one device. It is very small, but I find it easy to type on. For those used to typing on qwerty keyboards on cell phones, this will feel huge.I am never going to use it to write papers or type long emails, but it's perfect for light browsing and media control.

    I have the diNovo mini connected to an HTPC running Windows Media Center. It was simple to set up and I love the built in storage for the bluetooth dongle. It controls Media Center well, although I will still use my Logitech Harmony 880 for remote functions. I needed a keyboard to run iTunes and to use MyMovies. The diNovo fits the bill perfectly. So far, it is exactly what I was looking for, but I did a lot of research prior to purchasing so I knew what to expect.

    I've only had it for a couple of days, but I have no negatives so far... ...more info
  • Excellent Addition to my Entertainment PC
    I have an "entertainment PC" set up in the basement. It's a DVR/PVR and movie player. It's hooked up to a projector as well. Having this remote keyboard/mouse makes it really easy and fun to control. No more climbing behind the screen to move the mouse! I just plugged the small USB dongle into my computer and within seconds I was moving the mouse around. You only need to install the included software if you want to tweak things like acceleration and cursor speed. The only thing I am disappointed with is the fact that you can't charge it using a USB cable. I recommend this to anyone with an entertainment PC.

    - Just plug in the dongle and it's up and working. You only need the software to tweak the settings.
    - USB plug (dongle) stores in the unit.
    - Charge lasts a long time.
    - Very cool looking. Lights are nice.
    - Easy and fun to use.
    - Don't need blue tooth on your PC. This comes with it.

    - Doesn't Charge through USB or a cradle. Needs the power adapter and cord.
    - Switch to change to PS3 mode is hard to get to....more info
  • Mac users don't fear...
    I was looking for a mini keyboard for my macbook pro and totally fell in love with the diNovo Mini. It says Vista only, but bottom line is that it is a bluetooth keyboard and it will sync up with your mac. So far, only the Windows button does nothing, but I hear there may be some software updates in the near future.

    Everything about the diNovo works quite well. You may think the toggling between the two modes may be off-putting, but it becomes second nature after a couple of minutes.

    I recommend this for Mac as well as the Vista users that it is marketed to. The only reason it gets 4 Stars is cause of the shunning to mac users....more info
  • Another "First Unit Defective, Second Unit No Different"
    I really really like this keyboard. It's perfect, size-wise, feature-wise, look-wise.

    My first unit has the "OK" key stuck. And that is one of the vital keys (the left and right click). I got a replacement from Amazon, this time the "O" key is stuck, not working at all. I was really pissed.

    Otherwise this is really perfect fro my HTPC.

    What a shame. I wished Logitech would get their quality control together. I'm returning it for a refund....more info
  • Nice, very nice
    Very nice mini bluetooth keyboard, I installed it with my current BT device, and sometimes I get interference when my Iphone or Baby monitor are around. I will try the BT receiver that comes with the diNovo Mini, apart from that it is great, I use it with my PC connected to my 50" Plasma TV for multimedia/internet and works great. I already got another for my brother....more info
  • Home Theater superstar
    I really enjoy this new pocket keyboard and even bought one for my groomsmen. you wont use it to do all of your regular computing, but it works great for HTPCs. There are a few things I would like to see changed: 1) no "last" button for returning to a show you were watching earlier, 2) no guide button for pulling up the vista media center guide, 3) more traditional keyboard layout...they was really no need to change the keys around, 4) it could be much thinner...like qwerty phone smaller. I love the protective cover, but honestly, it should be smaller for the price....more info
  • keyboard
    I had a bit of difficulty at first and had to use their tech support. They were very good.

    It can be a bit tricky to get "pairing" but I now do it quite easily. Usually it stays connected quite well if you turn off the computer completely vs hibernating.

    I like it quite well, And use it a lot.

    gks...more info
  • Nice little remote
    This remote works great with Windows media center and as a computer remote. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an all in one little keyboard / mouse remote for your media center system. You easily switch modes from media center (green) to regular (yellow) and the right hand pad turns from a selection to a mouse pointer. I have a media center in a bar area that I use the media center remote but sometimes I want to drop out and go to a browser. I can be anywhere in the room with this and don't have to switch between a keyboard and media center remote....more info
  • Very Good product!
    Pricy, but the diNovo mini works just like it should. Connected to my Media center PC it allows full control from across the room doing away with my large keyboard and a seperate mouse. However, you must do "thumb" typing, so it's not ideal if you do a lot of typing. Just great for a media center PC....more info
  • Great little keyboard/trackpad.
    I have always had a tendency to buy logitech keyboards and mouses...so I had a good idea of what I should expect from them. It's a good thing too...because if I had not known about their awesome quality, I would have passed up this great little product due to the high price and the fact that i wasn't sure if using such a small keyboard would be easy to use.

    So I obviously took the plunge and all I can say is that I am once again impressed with yet another product from Logitech. I bought it because the small keyboard/tackball board I WAS using in my car died recently. I don't use it often, but I need it every once in a while to make adjustments to my carPC. So of course I needed my other keyboard while in the middle of upgrading my software and it's kind of hard to hit "ctrl/alt/del" with a mouse. lol

    This little keyboard is an amazing device. It worked right away...and works without the Setpoint software too (just another program loading that I didn't want slowing down my system startup time). Keep in mind that I am not using the Media Center controls/functions...So I'm not sure if you would need to install setpoint for that part. But in "orange" mode, it all works great!

    It's a very small and very sturdy device. the tactile feed back is not too firm nor too mushy either...just right. The actual buttons about as big as main buttons (circle, triangle, etc) on my Playstation 3 controller...except square in shape. So if you can type on you Blackberry, then you'll definitely be able to type on this thing with ease. After you get used to it, you can eventype almost as fast as you could on a laptop...assuming you have it secured in your lap. :)...more info
  • The Best Companion to HTPC
    Recently i purchased a HTPC for my 63" Plasma TV, I used a wireless mouse and keyboard initially and that was awkward plus wasn't covering my sitting distance (18'+)
    DiNovo mini came to the rescue it not only is a small profile keyboard and mouse combo you can also switch it to a remote with a push of a button to access your media center.
    Plus it has no problem covering from my viewing distance.
    They keys are small on the keyboard put there is no problem typing with my fat fingers.
    Mouse scroll-pad works smooth also.
    I own a lot of Logitech products but the DiNovo Mini is by far the best....more info
  • Great keyboard
    This keyboard arrived much faster than expected. It was a little complicated getting it paired up with my Macbook but now works like a charm with both my Macbook and PS3. This is a great investment if you have a computer hooked up to an HDTV and don't want to deal with a big clunky keyboard sitting on your lap as you chill on your couch. Highly recommmended....more info
  • Works well, but has weaknesses
    I bought the Logitech diNovo Mini to work with my PS3. My experiences were mostly positive with a few disappointments.

    First the good parts:
    Setup was simple - basically, set the mini to PS3, hit the mini connect button (both in the mini's battery compartment), tell the PS3 to bond to a Bluetooth keyboard and follow the PS3's on-screen directions. After bonding, the mini works as a PS3 keyboard.

    Mechanically the mini is a very nice unit, well made and nicely styled.

    It functions well with a few minor quirks.

    Now the less than good.
    Logitech has a PS3 users guide. Unfortunately, its not included with the shipped product. It is available from their site at:

    In the guide it shows that the key map does not include the following controller buttons (among others):
    The Box button
    The Select Button
    The Start Button

    Likewise it does not emulate the transport keys or map any of the more useful PS3 Blue Ray remote buttons.

    Last but not least, the mini click-pad is touchy in use.

    Overall, the mini is a nice unit, but could use some improvements given its price.
    ...more info
  • Perfect for htpc
    This is a great computer controller for a HTPC. I love its compact design and having both mouse and keyboard. It is cumbersome to use the mouse, I'd say a little harder than a laptop touchpad. Since you are controlling a htpc you don't need to use it much. The keyboard reminds me of a nice phone keyboard but probably a little bit easier. It's nice The batteries last a long time. I wish my harmony lasted 1/2 as long.

    I considered the full size dinovo but think I made the correct decision getting the Mini. My friend has one and hes says its big and heavy. If mouse control was a little bit better I'd give it a perfect review, but I believe its by far the best controller out there for a HTPC.

    ...more info
  • Love it!
    It's all that it claims to be. What more could you want? Track pad is easy to use....more info
  • Beautiful!
    The diNovo Mini is a god send for me. I have to confess I don't use it for anything other than controlling my PS3 (which is settable through a switch inside the batter compartment), but it is very convenient for that purpose.

    The design is wonderful and easily fits into the palm. The lighted keys are warm and pleasant to use although I found that I could hit keys I didn't want to from time to time, but this is not a deal breaker.

    The function buttons, of which there are quite a number--logical, considering the size of the diNovo, makes performing certain actions a kind of finger acrobatics, but strangely I also didn't mind it.
    In short, the diNovo Mini would perform very well for users of Windows Home Theater systems and looks good enough not to look incongruous on a living room table....more info
  • Great for media center PCs and the PS3
    I use my computer as an entertainment center, and watch most of my TV and movies on it. It's about 15 feet from my bed, so it's a big hassle to get up all the time to switch between programs, etc. I do have a Snapstream Firefly remote, but it is limited in what it can do, especially with mouse capability. It is not easy to do things such as switching between two programs, etc. The Logitech DiNovo is small enough that it can be used similar to a remote control, and is much more compact than trying to use a wireless keyboard and mouse (even a mini keyboard and mouse). It is a good remote keyboard device for your PC or PS3 (can't be used with a Mac or Xbox).

    The touch sensor on the mouse control is very well made. It's a lot like the iPod touch sensor, in that it's not too sensitive, and can be navigated quickly. The mouse sensor also doubles as a 4-directional controller for left, right, up, down. I could see how this would be useful for gaming, although I'm not too sure how effective it would be for serious gaming. Most serious gamers will probably find the diNovo inadequate for this. On the left side are two large channel up and channel down buttons, which are also very nice. Along the top exist a row of media center buttons (much like a media center keyboard), for quick opening of those applications.

    Response time on the unit is excellent. Sitting about 20 feet from my computer, the signal came across very quickly with no problems. It uses an RF signal so you don't have to point the unit at the TV. I went back in my house as far as 40 feet and still was able to get a signal.

    As for the keyboard, it is fairly small, but not so small as to be uncomfortable. I was able to use it fairly easily, although it is somewhat awkward unless you have a coffee table to put it on. Trying to type on it while holding it with both hands yields much the same results as texting on a cell phone. I believe it is designed for "thumb-typing" as opposed to actual traditional typing. But there is plenty of room to hit the keys and I didn't have a problem with mistyping keys because they were too small. You can't really use it for extended typing or composing emails, etc, but if you want to use the keyboard for short chatting in games it's great. The device looks great too. It is very stylish, especially with the mirrored finish on the cover. The size of the device is a little larger than a man's hand and fits well next to your other remotes.

    Lastly, the battery life is exceptional. I've been using it for almost two weeks now and haven't had to recharge it yet. Although the price of the keyboard is somewhat high, I think it is worth it depending on your needs and how much you need a keyboard, and would definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Clever, cute, keyboard
    I like this little (slightly bigger than pocket sized keyboard). Paired with an Logitech MX Air Rechargeable Cordless Air Mouse I am totally mobile. This is perfect for the home theater.

    I use this and the air mouse for presentations and classes that I teach where I don't want to be stuck in front of my laptop.

    The device comes with a bluetooth dongle that's already pre-paired with it. Genius. it just makes setup that much easier.

    While the keyboard is designed to be small, I find it incredibly comfortable to use. The keys are much bigger than your average blackberry, so they shouldn't really be a problem. It's backlit - which is great, and I find the touchpad fairly easy to use.

    I'm using mine on Vista and it worked fine out of the box. I noticed that it's also designed to work with a PS3. I don't have a PS3, but i could see this as a HUGE selling point....more info
  • Impressive Handheld Keyboard Makes This a Sleek Addition to a Home Theater PC Setup
    Logitech continues to impress me with their product line, and the diNovo Mini is a sharp-looking, fully functional mini-keyboard that works quite well with my home theatre PC setup. This one differs from Logitech's diNovo Edge in that this is a handheld version. While I initially was not expecting this to be an important factor in my satisfaction with the product, the lightweight design is what really puts this over the top. With a non-slip grip surface on the back, the keyboard is contoured in such a way that it is comfortable to hold, similar to the well-balanced shape Logitech achieved with its Harmony® One Advanced Universal Remote. I like how the USB mini-receiver conveniently stores under the bottom plate to prevent losing it.

    I wish the same thought process could have been applied to the flimsy cover which I could see easily breaking off. The back of this item also holds the battery compartment, a button to connect Bluetooth if so desired, and a platform switch defaults to PC but allows you to switch for use of the diNovo Mini with the PlayStation 3. Even though it was not an issue for me, the fact that Logitech chose not to support the Xbox 360 will be a deal-breaker for many avid game players. However, it does have dedicated Windows Media Centre controls and an integrated ClickPad which acts as both touch and navigational pads. I also happen to think it looks terrific on my coffee table....more info
  • The Mini Controller for the Youtube and Home Theatre generation ...


    1. Light sensing keypad is way-cool.

    2. A very simple and easy set-up.

    3. Keyboard is responsive and easy to use. Fat fingers wont mind it at all and it's better than using your phone when you text.

    4. The rechargeable battery seems to be operating fine and has the regular long life guarantee on it which is better than using a constant stream of disposable batteries.

    5. Bluetooth Dongle storage is a plus.

    6. A nice device that can and will eventually put all your fancy high-end remotes out to pasture.

    7. Overall, a very nice product that delivers exactly what a person is looking for in this kind of product and ahead of the curve.

    This is one of Logitech's better hardware offerings as of late.


    1. Loses connection frequently causing a lot of frustration and aggravation.

    2. Slow response time that makes you ask yourself: `Did it lose its connection again?"

    3. Connectivity is bit dodgy, obviously as it's now creeping up as the most reported problem from all the reviews.

    4. The cover should flip back and out of the way, as it does get in the way and is annoying.

    5. No scroll wheel -- a feature which would've made this really nice.

    6. Connectivity is only at about 15-20 feet, so forget trying to cross your large Home Theatre system like I did.

    These con's are all acceptable minuses for something this nice and this easy to use. I can't see going without it now.

    ...more info
  • Excellent as a Home Theatre PC Keyboard
    I ordered mine after careful research (great price from Amazon Warehouse). The keyboard arrived yesterday and I am using it with my Sony Vaio T140 laptop that is connected to a 60 inch plasma and I am very pleased.

    The product is very well built and the keyboard requires a little getting used to, but works very well. The mouse is also very usable (took me half an hour or so to get familiar with the left click, right click and dragging (works differently than a regular mouse).

    This is probably the most ideal product if you are looking for a keyboard to control your PC from a couch. Prior to this I used an Adesso blutooth keyboard/mouse combo. While, I have no complaints about the Adesso, the Logitech has a much better form factor and the build quality is significantly better. At around $30 more than what I paid for the Adesso I consider the Logitech an excellent product...more info
  • 1st unit defective, 2nd defective as well
    I purchased the first unit and it worked for 1 day before the bluetooth connection failed. I had to use the bluetood usb stick from my dinovo edge to get it to work. I returned it and got another, this one worked for a week then the bluetooth went out as well. 2 bad units is unacceptable. I now use the DiNovo Edge and it works relaiably albeit bigger....more info
  • Media center control in your palm
    What can I say other than this little device is great? You can sit back in bed, watch movies or anything you have on your computer on the big screen and manipulate your entertainment without having to run to your desk and keyboard. This is tiny in person but so far I am thoroughly enjoying it, easy to set up and use, its almost like a remote control with keyboard features.

    Highly recommended for those who are thinking of it but are reluctant to spend money on another gadget, you will use it for sure.
    ...more info
  • Mixed feelings - works ok in Vista, not at all in Linux so far
    I have mixed feelings about this product, so I'll break it down into first impressions on what works and what doesn't.

    Out of the box the product form factor is a LIKE. It fits nicely into my hand, the top flips up and the backlight automatically comes on in a pleasing amber colour. The keys are far enough apart that large fingers will have no problem pushing them without hitting keys next to them. The touchpad is comfortable with a rubbery grip. Ergonomically well designed.

    The underside flap opens to reveal the USB 2 receiving device, the sync button, and the battery. This starts off as an UNLIKE. The receiving device does NOT work on a USB 1.1 port. It will only work on USB 2.0, so you will have to use this product on a newer computer, or one that you've added USB 2.0 to. This is not a huge deal, but I wanted to use this on an older computer that does not have USB 2.0, so it was a no-go there. According to the minimal instruction guide (UNLIKE), you can use built-in bluetooth on your computer if you have it - I don't, so was unable to test this.

    Once I found a computer with native USB 2.0 (Vista laptop), I plugged in the included receiver and the computer saw it immediately. Installed the software on the included CD with no issues. The diNovo immediately connected and was able to manipulate the keyboard and the mouse with no issues. Immediate connection was a LIKE.

    The keys then became a little "sticky" after use. UNLIKE. The key to start the Windows Media Centre worked fine, but then there was no way to easily close it without using the laptop keyboard. The mouse pad is nothing like a real mouse so you will have to be a little tolerant getting used to it, but it does function.

    Now to the biggest UNLIKE for me. This product did not work with linux out of the box. I tried three flavours of linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva), and none of them recognized the Logitech USB 2.0 receiver device. They recognized an older USB 1.1 bluetooth device, but not the one included with the diNovo. My media pc in the living room is linux, so this was a no-go for me and the diNovo. I found numerous sites online referring to kernel mods/fixes to get it to see the device, but all of them mention that only the keyboard will work, not the pointer. That's a showstopper for me and this product.

    Finally, this product will also work with your PS3. Under the back cover is a switch to change from PC connection to PS3 connection. I can only assume it will work, as I don't have a PS3 so you'll need to check other reviews to see if that feature will work for you.

    Overall it gets a 50/50 from me. Works well with Vista with minor learning curve but immediate connectivity. Does not work with any of my Linux systems, which bothers me. This device should be OS agnostic....more info
  • Easy-Peasy
    Honestly, things are getting entirely too easy to set up. This one even comes with the bluetooth dongle already prepaired to the Mini. Just plug the dongle into a USB slot and it's off-- no more sitting there holding two tiny buttons down and wondering when the blue light is going to stop flickering. And let me tell you what I really, really like about the diNovo Mini-- there is a storage place inside the bottom where you can store the dongle when you are not using it! How clever is that! How many small bits of tech do you have hanging around that should be able to attach to some part of the parent item?

    I just got a really good Amazon deal on a Sylvania LC195SL8 19-Inch 720p LCD HDTV. Over the Fourth I hooked it up to a media center computer as well as all of the other stuff that makes my television a lot more fun than it used to be when it was black and white, mono and only received three channels through the antenna on the roof and added the internet and the diNovo Mini.

    Besides being wowed by the idea of storage for the dongle built into the device, I agree the keyboard is pretty usable--though dismayingly small at first glance. I haven't tried it with a game console yet, but for noodling around on the internet it is perfect....more info
    the dinovo mini is awesome!!!! i use it for my external tv tuner on my macbook pro running leopard. it synced up perfectly with the built in bluetooth chip, and all the features work perfectly (except the windows media button obviously) all the controls work great, and the media controls even work in frontrow and itunes. I have read online that it also works on the xbox 360 too even though it also is supposedly not supported. i will have to try it when i get mine back from microsoft (stupid red ring of death). I couldnt be happier with this keyboard, as i am lazy as hell, and i now dont have to get up to change the channel ...more info
  • Great for Media Center PC
    I've been looking for a decent wireless based keyboard for my Media Center PC I have setup in my living room. I stumbled across this one after viewing all the wireless keyboard/mouse solutions.

    The Pros:
    The rechargeable battery is real nice. I was worried I would have to keep an endless supply of batteries for the life of the product (See: Wii Controllers), but being able to recharge is great. I assume this is part of the reason the cost of the product is on the high side.

    The keyboard itself is responsive and I don't seem to have any problems with typing in full statements, etc, without it missing a stroke. Typing on it feels like texting on a full QWERTY phone. I like the back light a lot, since most of the time I'm watching movies/TV at night. The built-in functionality keys are about what you'd expect. Play/pause/forward, etc.

    Lastly, for pros, the size is just right. I really don't see why anyone would purchase this to do any real computing. I use it for the occasional youtube videos on my TV, as well as navigating Media Center. It serves that purpose very well.

    The Cons:
    The mouse pad can be a bit frustrating. It doesn't respond exactly as you want it to at times. There are times when I'm real close to just plugging in a wireless mouse real fast so I can get what I'm trying to do done in 3 seconds instead of 10-15. But again, that was when I was trying to do actual computing (installing a program, navigating the web, etc.) If I stick to just real basic menus and tabbing around, the occasional mouse movement is fine. I also recommend enabling the feature on Windows to automatically focus your mouse on key buttons. This should help reduce a lot of frustration of simply trying to click an "OK" button.

    I agree with some of the other reviews that the case its in can be a little annoying. It's great to protect the keyboard, but it doesn't open as easily as you think it should. A release button or just a bigger slit to open it with would be appreciated. This is just a small gripe I have with it though--no deal breaker by any means.

    Overall I'd say buying this was a good choice. I really enjoy all the functionality it provides with such a low profile. If you're looking for a more robust keyboard/mouse, though, I would say find something bigger. I really think the idea behind this is to just keep something in your living room near your remotes--certainly nothing to play Doom with, or code in .NET.

    Finally, as with most (all?) Logitech products, the installation was a snap and the driver support is great. It worked from the second I connected it, without drivers initially, to when I put their SetPoint software on. (Running 32-Bit Vista Ultimate).

    ...more info
  • Check One Out In Person
    First, the demographics for this device are the typical teenager or college student. Sure, it looks cool and is about the size of your hand, but its size is not necessarily an advantage. It is easily charged and set up with a convenient CD package and a blue tooth USB stick.

    You can text, play and watch TV/Movies from a distance (up to 30 feet), but that's if you have perfect vision. I did like the way the media-center instantly pops up and the mouse scroll is easy to work. If I want to text or write an Email, I found the keyboard to be just too small and the set-up is slightly different than a typical keyboard. If you are good at text messaging on a phone, you won't have a problem here. You can change the keyboard to be a `directional pad' or a `touch pad', which is kind of convenient.

    As far as viewing anything on your television or in your stereo, you would need a direct cable connection from your PC to your entertainment center. Most people now have a mini-stereo system on their PC or a HTPC anyway. The battery life is plenty long enough and I just keep mine plugged in constantly. Like most Logitech items, the look is sleek and handsome, although the smoked plastic cover could easily be broken or cracked. I see this as a fun toy for teens or people in college or early twenties. Its interesting to see that so many modern items are getting smaller and smaller while the `boomers' group is getting older with less nimble fingers and poorer eyesight. I would inspect one in person before buying.
    ...more info
  • No more keyboard, mouse and flashlight! Thank you!
    Ok, I am a girl. I love this thing because it means no more wireless keyboard, mouse and flashlight with a piece of red cellophane covering the lens cluttering up my living room. (My husband never mentioned that when he set up the system) The keyboard was to enter info, the flashlight so I could see what the heck I was doing. To watch movies I wanted it dark but then to change anything without being blinded I needed the flashlight. Usually I ended up holding the flashlight in my mouth while trying to type on the keyboard balanced on my knees. Believe me, the diNovo is much more dignified. It senses how dark the room is and gives you the correct amount of light behind the keys, way better than a flashlight and you are not blinded in the process. I also love being able to mute quickly when the phone rings.

    To get it work I plugged in the USB mini receiver (which to me looks like a thumb drive) in the back of the computer and turned it on. Our computer (A Dell XPS 600 running Windows XP) saw it right away. Pushed the lit up Windows Media button on the bottom and I was off and running, never bothered with the software included.

    It is pretty small. I do need reading glasses to read the paper but I could see the keyboard and most of the keys without my glasses. I typed most of this review up to this point using the keyboard, it is slow but certainly do-able. There is no way I could use it as a regular keyboard, I must use my thumbs to type. The keyboard has a satisfying feel to it, with a quiet but audible "click" when you hit one of the slightly raised buttons.

    I wish the cover would flip back behind the remote when using it. It is somewhat transparent so you can see through it, but it would be better if you could flip it around when you were using the remote. I also wish it had a dock to charge it (although the power pack is quite small so it can actually fit without blocking all the other outlets). It seems I would be more likely to recharge it every day if it had a "home".

    ...more info
  • Nice keyboard but loses connection all the time and requires the battery to be removed
    It's a nice keyboard when it works but it regularly loses the Bluetooth connection and you need to remove and replace the battery for it to work again. Very annoying and Logitech has no workaround for fixing it. Search the Logitech forums for "mini keyboard loses connection" to see the posts.

    Until this problem is fixed, I would not recommend it. Logitech support has not been helpful with this besides saying it is a "known issue"....more info
  • Great purchase!
    Product works as advertised! I am using it on the couch and it's exactly what I needed.
    Sometimes I need to remove the battery though to get the connection working again! Even so, I highly recommend this product!
    Battery life is awesome!...more info
  • Very nice keyboard with details that could be improved
    I love this keyboard; it's incredibly convenient and so easy to carry around - in my opinion, it's the perfect device for an HTPC.

    On a positive note, I would say that:
    - the combination of orange and green backlighting is very nice
    - having a full keyboard AND a mouse in such a small form factor is great
    - worked out of the box with Vista (had to plug the dongle and run the install but that's it); I was done in 5 minutes
    - the battery was already charged when it came
    - excellent range in the overall
    - small but reasonable size;

    Still, it's not perfect:
    - the cover is pretty much useless - gets lots of finger prints and begs to be broken by my kids
    - some characters are missing; they could have added them with the blue function key
    - the blue characters are not visible in the dark - it's sometimes annoying (like single quotes)
    - battery life is pretty low if you use it a lot
    - expensive; even at $124
    - sometimes it's hanging and the mouse is not responding for a couple of seconds (typically when I haven't used it during the day)

    That being said, it's a great device for the living room...more info
  • The negatives
    I am going to focus on the negatives for this review since the keyboard is ok and functions as expected. First, the flip open shield is very annyoying. I use it with my samsung Q1 and unless you hold the keyboard above the unit the flip open shield blocks the view of the screen. Second, I wanted to use it with both my Q1 and PS3. The problem is you have to flip a switch to tell the keyboard what you will be using it with. The problem is to get to the switch you have to open the case from the back, pull out the usb adapter a move a tiny switch. Very annoying to say the least. Why the switch isn't on the front or the side of the keyboard is beyond me. Third there is no power switch to turn on the PS3 so forget about ditching the PS3 controller. Fourth, the sensitivity of the mouse is ok but not great. Fifth, I have had problems where I had to pull out the battery or reinstall the blue tooth device in Vista. I am not sure if it is the fault of the keyboard or my Q1 computer or trying to use it with both the pc and PS3. And lastly, there is no port to connect the keyboard to a computer through a wired connection. Since there are no other mini blue tooth keyboards I guess I am stuck with it until v2 comes out....more info
  • Good job Logitech!
    Amazon had a great deal on this mouse/keyboard combo, the lowest on the net I could find at $122.00. The shipping was extremely fast as well, got it in two days. The dinovo works very great, and am surprised it is the first of its kind. It is great for surfing the web, and basic usage on a computer. It is also very small, and the battery holds a long charge. The only issue I have had is the mouse trackpad isn't always perfect, but if you are doing basic stuff online such as surfing you should have no problem....more info
  • Awesome
    Needed a keyboard mouse for a HTPC and found this and figured I try it out. I am very surprised at how quick I became efficient in using it being as small and the different layout for certain buttons. Being USB, it even works in the Bios. Great range, well at least 15-20 feet and the chargeable battery lasts a long time, I have charged it once and have used it for over 20 days....more info
  • Not perfect, but pretty good.
    I got the diNovo mini specifically for my PS3 as I use it as a media center hub for by entertainment room setup. Logitech boasts the diNovo Mini as compatible. Overall, it does a decent job with the PS3. Allows you to navigate the screen/options. Its good for browsing the web, watching videos, or listening to music. The drawbacks are that because it is not fully intergrated with the PS3, it is missing certain buttons needed to perform key actions requiring you to use the controller or bluetooth remote control with the keyboard. Now if you play with the keyboard, you will find that certain buttons are translated to be substitutes for PS3 buttons, but the instructions do not give any insight to this. You also cannot turn on/off the system with it. Addtionally the touchpad can become unresponsive in scroll mode. Overall I like the device, it is a bit pricey and does not cover all the features needed, but is very helpful to type, text, etc. And is the best product of its type available right now....more info
  • Great Idea but not just there yet
    Its a great product, a great idea but one feels that it is just not there. I've been struggling with getting a Living Room PC keyboard and tried everything that is out there. Microsoft Media, Logi Tech, Graytion etc. Desktop keyboards do not make good couch keyboards.
    My requirements were:
    1. Bluetooth, no line of sight limitations. My computer is in the other room so receiver should be able to receive the signal behind the walls.
    2. Small compact, could be stowed away in a remote drawere or left on the coffee table with other remotes.
    3. Ability to use it while lying, sitting, standing, operating with lights off and then could tugged away beside you if you fall asleep on the couch.
    4. Must have integrated mouse functionality.
    5. Elegant looking, should look part of the living rooom/drawing room furniture.
    This Keyboard fits my needs but does not operate perfectly where it matters which is moving and positioning the cursor perfectly, especially for the price. I found its mouse movement sluggish and it tired my thumbs out. I've been a long time user of small devices like OQO, Sony UX-series etc., so small keyboards are not new to me.
    My feeling was that it was good enough for media center and writing URLs but not good enough if you want to reply to an email or even fill out an order form.

    Also, its playstation compatability is a suspect as it does not implement its importatnt keys and you may need to reach out for your controller after every two minutes, even all if you were doing was browsing and blu-ray movies.

    Overall it does not do a decent job for the price. If it were $50.00 then my thoughts would have been different.

    ...more info
  • It was very usefull
    I have my computer connected to the big screen in the familly room and it works much better than the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 3000 Laser (967553-0403) that I was using before, I can control from longer distance with the bluetooth, easy to typewrite eaven when you are standing. I only need to recharge once a month.

    The only minor inconvinience I found it is I don't have the scroll bar button that normally the mouse has, and the funtion buttons (F1 to F12)....more info
  • A must have device for HTPCs!!
    This keyboard mouse combo is the perfect, and nearly priceless, solution for HTPC users. This completely eliminates the need to be sitting down to use your computer. I am constantly walking around with mine in the living room. It's simply plug-n-play. I even use it in my BIOS and OS setup, something I did not expect from a bluetooth device. I wish it came with a charging cradle instead of a plug-in cord; but that is just a wish, not a drawback as battery life is pretty long (although not the length that Logitech proclaims).

    There are 3 reasons why I did not give this little wonder 5 stars. First, there are no function "F" keys. During windows setup, I had to grab another keyboard to hit the "F8" key; but how often do you really use those anyways?
    Second, the mouse pad can be a little finicky at times; too over or under-sensitive.
    Third, from a multimedia keyboard designed toward use with HTPCs, I would expect a nice eject button somewhere on the device.
    These are 3 MINOR quirks that are easily overlooked for its many other (nearly endless) benefits....more info
  • Great innovative product
    This thing works perfectly. The days of balancing a wireless keyboard on your lap and rolling a mouse on the arm of your chair or sofa is over. I bought it specifically for use with a computer hooked up to my HDTV for use as a media center. It tracks really well and quickly becomes like a second hand. I wish my remotes worked as well as this thing. I highly recommend anyone with similar needs check it out. ...more info
  • Ideal HTPC remote control
    When you have a PC next to your TV for media center application or simply browse the Web,you do not have much choice: you must use a complete wireless keyboard and mouse. This was true until the DiNovo mini, now you have a complete palm size mouse/keyboard.

    Super easy to install (on Vista), the battery life is great and all the keys are there and even more. Also the keyboard has a backlight which makes it practical in the dark. The build quality is very good too, it feels solid in your hand, usual for Logitech.

    The only negative aspect would be that the keys are very small (hey small keyboard small keys), it is of course not intended for game play but only for small inputs such as a url or a name.

    As the keyboard is trying to save its battery, it goes into a sleep mode after some inactivity and drops the BT connection and it can take as long as a couple of seconds to be able to use it again.

    Really the perfect device everybody was waiting for. Could not live without it....more info
  • A work of art
    This keyboard mouse combo is the best for media center i have ever seen. Connects effortlessly, always on and is very sleek looking. The only small comment I have is that the mouse pad is a little slow. However, you can easily change the mouse setting and it will work fine. The buttons are sturdy and comfortable. The unit size is perfect. Not too small where the keys are useless yet small enough to fit with the remote controls tray. Logitech did a very good job....more info
  • Could have been great, but...
    The diNovo Mini might have been perfect for what I needed, but I wouldn't know. It came with a bad battery that would not charge. I got to use for a little bit while plugged in, but that is now how this little device is supposed to work. I therefore can not tell how it would be for normal daily use. I chose to return it for refund instead of replacement because I couldn't wait weeks without a keyboard. I ended up getting the diNovo Edge and love it. I would recommend the edge over the mini unless you just absolutely need to have the very smallest thing out there. ...more info
  • Great device for freeing you up to be more comfortable...
    The Logitech diNovo Mini is a sweet controller for your Media Center PC setup. I found that instead of being tied to a keyboard or a simplistic remote, I could use this instead and get a lot more functionality. Pretty much everything I'd want to do (web surf, text entry, etc.) can be done from the luxury of my couch. This is really what a remote *should* be...

    In terms of styling, Logitech has done a great job. The smoked plastic cover gives the unit a sleek design that looks great when you're not using the unit. When opened, you have a full QWERTY keyboard in additional to a touchpad and special function keys for paging, Internet Explorer, and other various tasks. The keyboard does take a bit of getting used to, as they are lined up vertically instead of offset to the right for each row. But at least they are real keys and not a touchpad. The tactile response makes all the difference. Another nice touch is that the USB receiver you can use on non-Bluetooth devices stores nicely in the back of the unit with the batteries. No more hunting around for where you last left it.

    Given my... "hacker" tendencies, there is one small thing I still want to try. If your PC or laptop is Bluetooth enabled, you can use the diNovo to control the cursor and application that's in use. My son and I had fun when I first got it, as he kept moving my screen cursor around before I could do what I wanted. I'm curious as to how much you could control other PCs or devices from a distance (say from 10 to 20 feet away). Is the speaker's presentation a bit boring? Speed up his slides a bit. Does he have an application open that accepts text? Enter your own. :) The possibilities could be endless! I may now have a reason to sit in the front row again. :)...more info
  • the diNovo Mini rocks!
    I got the diNovo Mini to use as a remote control for my laptop.
    I gotta say it works great, I am very pleased. I am using a Blue Soleil
    receiver and have had no problems with it detecting the diNovo Mini....more info
  • Simplify your HTPC experience
    Logitech's diNovo Mini is a neat luxury for home theater PC owners because it allows uses to take full control of their HTPC with one small, simple device. The clamshell shape can be held in one hand and takes up very little space on your media center. High eye appeal and diminutive nature is at the very least a conversation starter, as at first glance, it appears to be a tiny PC.

    I have had it a few weeks now, and I am getting more comfortable with typing on the small keyboard, although it is a bit of a pain (I hate blackberries for the same reason). I don't do a lot of chatting or IMing, so I don't use the keyboard that much. People who do type a lot may not like the keyboard, but generally those are the same people who type faster on a blackberry than I type on a keyboard, so it's probably a non-issue.

    At this price, it may seem like you are paying a lot for what amounts to a keyboard and a Bluetooth connection, but since it monopolizes the market and plugs a hole that has been missing for the HTPC functionality, it is not overpriced. It took less than 10 minutes for me to set up the device. The unit works with a PS3, but is not compatible with Xbox or Apple.

    A neat option is the control pad which switches from the standard directional buttons to touch pad. Users will quickly see the benefits when they realize the touch pad works perfectly for navigating a webpage, but is not the right match for the standard windows menu tabs.

    Overall, this is one of those gadgets you didn't think you need until you heard of it, and once you have it, you won't be able to imagine life without it.
    ...more info
  • At last an HTPC controller more suited for the home theater than the home office
    Logitech's diNovo Mini is an answered prayer for HTPC owners. If you you're using HTPC you know how unsatisfactory the selection of input devices has been. Most of the keyboards previously marketed for home theatre seem more appropriate for the home office due to their size and style. The diNovo Mini is small (roughly the size of a remote control). It's an elegant looking black clamshell with a translucent lid and silver trim. And it gives you full control of your PC's media functions from a distance with a Bluetooth connection.

    Open, the clamshell reveals a Blackberry style keyboard and a control pad. You can use the control pad for directional control (up, down, left, right) through the Media Center menus or, slide a switch and it becomes a touch pad that lets you use the desktop functions. Depending on the control mode you're in, the keyboard is backlit in green or orange. The mouse function is handled in the center of the control pad. You won't want to do any serious typing on this, but it gives you the option.

    The diNovo Mini has a battery that's easy to recharge and lasts a long time.

    A highly recommended accessory for style-conscious home theater PC owners!...more info
  • Handy product for home theatre PC owners, now you can be a bigger couch (or bed) potato!
    There is no need to get up and go to your keyboard with this device as it works wirelessly up to 30 ft from your HTPC. The clamshell design is compact and portable and the device has a quality feel to it. The 61-key keyboard has smallish keys and you have to use it in Blackberry fashion typing with your thumbs. However, for light typing usage the keys work just fine.

    The control pad itself lets you change from touch-pad-style controls to directional controls through a slider switch for web page surfing or for Media Center. Overall the controls are fairly intuitive and responsive, though the touchpad sometimes fails to respond to damp fingers.

    Setting up the diNovo Mini is simple. It uses a bluetooth connection and if you're using a bluetooth enabled notebook you don't need anything more. The Setpoint software provided with the keyboard helps customize some keys. I don't have a PS3 so I could not check out the pairing with the PS3. I do wish that some more functions were integrated into this keyboard so one could control more devices from the same system. ...more info
  • Another decent performer
    There are a number of companies that you can always expect to deliver quality products... Logitech is one of them. Over the years, I have owned countless numbers of mice, keyboards, speakers, presentation pointers, webcams, and remote controls from Logitech. With their prices on par with other brands, why not go for products you know will last?

    The diNovo Mini came at a right time. I was debating on how to set up my Media Center PC, and came across this. My jaw dropped and I got this one.

    My first reaction when holding it in my hand was that it was beautiful, and lightweight. I can definitely see using this as the designers intended (i.e. controlling a media pc connected to a tv from a couch). I found the diNovo Mini very easy to use,

    The only real complaints I have is that the keyboard takes a little getting used to since the layout is offset to the left to make room or the innovative d-pad/touchpad. I also wasn't pleased to find that my built-in bluetooth didn't find the Mini, but once I plugged the included bluetooth adapter into a USB slot everythimg installed by itself and it worked perfectly. From the reviews, some people seem to be having some success with their bluetooth. Perhaps its hit or miss?

    The only other thing I would have liked to have seen more comprehensive PVR controls. Maybe version 2 would have make better use of the lip down cover which doesn't do anything but make the unused controller more sleek looking. A second screen that has basic PVR controls would be great. Hmmm...maybe a cross between the Harmony One and the diNovo Mini.

    Overall, I think Logitech has done a decent job building the DiNovo Mini, but missed some of my admittedly high expectations. Perhaps it'll be updated in future revisions or updates? Keep up the good work Logitech!...more info
  • Excellent HTPC Control in the Palm of your Hand
    I have been using a PC in my Home Theatre System for over a year now, and it was frustrating to try and find an all in one device that would allow the kind of control an HTPC requires. I was using just an inexpensive Logitech Keyboard and mouse combo, which was bulky and required unsightly storage on my entertainement center. The problem with HTPC control is that items like the presentation pointers or accelerometer mice are fairly expensive and only solve the pointer issue, a keyboard is still needed for surfing video downloads. Gigantic million-buttoned universal remotes might run the Media Center in windows but one is stuck again when it comes to good keyboard control.

    The DiNovo Mini solves all these problems in one flexible handheld device. I am tall and have large hands, while my girlfriend has small hands. I was concerned when I ordered a device like this that comfort and accurate control would be an issue for one or the other of us, but we can both use it with ease.

    The dual mode which allows use of Windows Media Center is great for popping in DVDs and pausing while watching. Then we can flip the switch and use the mouse and keyboard controls to watch movies and videos online. Or switch out and look up actors on the internet. This device is just at home surfing the web as it is navigating Media Center.

    It is also small enough that it finds a home with my remotes on the end table. Its design is elegant and stylish.

    I Love this device.

    There is only one negative. The touchpad can be extremely twitchy from time to time, file selection and button clicks can be a bear when the cursor blips to the far side of the screen for no apparent reason. I am unsure if this is a device issue, or a driver issue, but the touchpad will occasionally bind up and the cursor will freeze for a moment and then jump across the screen. But this is a minor annoyance that may go away with a few driver updates, and given all of the other plusses to this device I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for HTPC control in a compact device.

    Good Work Logitech!...more info
  • The Essential Home Theater Keyboard
    Strengths: integrated cursor, keyboard, and media center controls; living room-friendly clamshell design; excellent battery life; PS3 compatibility

    Weaknesses: frustrating touchpad control; dirt and fingerprint magnet; no Xbox 360 compatibility

    The idea of a personal computer as the center of a home theater system has been around for quite some time (anyone remember Gateway 2000's gargantuan Destination line of PCs from 1996?). Although systems with Windows' built-in Media Center software have been around for several years now, it's only recently that the home theater PC (HTPC) has begun to increase in popularity with the advent sleek and slim hardware that is designed to comfortably fit into the A/V rack under your HDTV.

    When we recently purchased our family's first HTPC, an HP Slimline model with a built-in ATSC tuner and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD combo drive, my first order of business was to locate a keyboard & mouse that would be comfortable to use in my living room on a regular basis. I was frustrated to find only a few devices designed specifically to be used with HTPC systems, and none of those seemed adequate for the task. Keyboard & mouse combo sets didn't make a great deal of sense, as the arm of a chair or sofa isn't the ideal location for a mouse pad. Of course, there was the option of a gyroscopic mouse, but those devices tend to be notoriously expensive and tiring to use for extended periods of time. I was able to find one or two devices that integrated keyboards and a touchpad or trackball, but the sheer size of these units made their use in the living room less than ideal. Just when it seemed as if I'd have to settle for one of these options, Logitech released the diNovo Mini Keyboard.

    The diNovo Mini integrates keyboard and mouse functionality into a compact package; it features a palm-sized keyboard and a built-in touchpad that serves double duty as a directional pad. The fist thing one notices about the Mini is its size: measuring 6 inches long, 3.5 inches wide, and 1 inch thick, the device is roughly the size of a really thin video game controller. Indeed, an Xbox 360 controller is both wider and considerably thicker than the Mini. The Mini includes a translucent black clamshell cover that closes when the device is not in use, which allows the unit to stylishly sit on a coffee table without taking up a lot of real estate or drawing much attention to itself--one thing that no other HTPC keyboard combo has yet managed to accomplish.

    The Mini includes a full QWERTY keyboard and is designed to be used for two-thumb typing, much like a BlackBerry Curve. The device is comfortably held in both hands, and typing isn't too slow after spending some time getting used to it. The Mini's keyboard is effective for quick tasks such as typing an email, web address, instant message, or username and password, but you wouldn't want to use it for any serious text input or document editing. Logitech has managed to squeeze almost complete keyboard functionality into the Mini; the only thing missing are the function keys, which are replaced by dedicated media playback and volume controls. Of course, there isn't a number pad on the Mini either, but how many people are going to be editing Excel spreadsheets on an HTPC?

    For cursor control, the Mini includes a touchpad that is designed to be operated with the thumb of your right hand. It also includes a mode switch which enables the touchpad to function as a directional pad, allowing easy navigation when browsing Windows' Media Center software. The touchpad works, but it takes some patience to use and to master. Moving the cursor across the desktop is fairly easy, but precise control is difficult. Clicking on an icon in Windows' quick launch bar can be a frustrating experience, not to mention attempting to use the cursor to select a line of text. Likewise, the touchpad can also behave erratically when operating in its directional pad mode. During testing, I found that the touchpad would sometimes fail to respond to repeated downward presses. Granted, the diNovo Mini and its touchpad are incredibly small, but I would expect that a more responsive touchpad could have been used.

    The Mini is a Bluetooth device, and the package includes a Bluetooth transmitter that can be plugged into any free USB port on your PC (the Mini can also be used with other Bluetooth hubs or PCs with built-in Bluetooth radios, but I did not test this feature). Installation is simple and straightforward: insert and charge the battery, plug the USB dongle into your PC, and install the included software. After installation, I did encounter a problem with my PC not recognizing the Mini after I rebooted, but after following the troubleshooting suggestions in the manual and resetting the Mini (by removing and reinserting the battery) it has provided weeks of trouble-free operation.

    The Mini includes a rechargeable battery and an AC adapter, which plugs directly into the back of the unit. The Logitech software included with the device monitors the battery status and also allows users to fine-tune the sensitivity of the touchpad and the behavior of the cursor. Battery life is outstanding; I've been using the Mini for about three weeks, and it still indicates a good charge.

    As an added feature, the diNovo Mini is compatible with Sony's PlayStation 3 console, which makes the device all the more versatile. To enable PS3 functionality, however, you are required to remove the battery cover and switch the Mini from PC to PS3 mode, which could grow tiresome if you would like to frequently use it to control both devices. It would have been nice if Logitech placed this switch in a more accessible location. Unfortunately, the Mini is not compatible with Microsoft's Xbox 360 console (which isn't surprising, as the Xbox 360 doesn't include Bluetooth).

    Aside from sometimes frustrating touchpad control and the lack of Xbox 360 support, my only other complaint with the Mini is how quickly and visibly its smooth surface collects dirt and fingerprints. Thankfully, Logitech includes a cleaning cloth in the box, but you'll want to make sure that you wash your hands before using this keyboard.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Logitech diNovo Mini. It allows me to effectively control my HTPC from the comfort of my sofa without having to struggle with a separate, full-size keyboard and mouse. Is this the perfect input device? No, but it is currently the best HTPC input device on the market. Period. If you have an HTPC in your living room and you're looking for a good keyboard, look no further than the Logitech diNovo Mini.
    ...more info
  • Does Flash equal Substance?
    Sometimes people like toys for their computer and, if that's the case, this is something they might like. I have to give the Mini props in the sense that it is an interesting toy because it did hoold my ADD-like attention in tow for a while, keeping me interested as I explored its features.. It was a lot of fun to play with during that time, too, allowing me to do a few things I would have had to do closer to the screen from more distant arenas of my home. Also, I have to say it was flashy and flashy works for a while.

    The only problem was that the while was about three hours and then - not so much.

    The keys on this little beast are a burden if not more, and if you have fingers bigger than twig-size then you're going to have problems. This is especially true with punctuation and all the other whatnots you need here and there; I tried tying this on the device and a comma almost gave me a stroke. Considering the fact that this was supposed to make my life easier, I felt like that perhaps missed the boat a bit.

    Overall, there are pros and cons but I would not recommend this to the average consumer. It really is hard to use, doesn't really serve a purpose that redefines anything save frustration, and will likely disappear sometime soon.
    Still, it does have a bright side - it glows in the dark all pretty like and that's uber techno sexy.

    O - it works on the PS2 and that isn't listed. ...more info
  • PC Media Control Center That Doubles as a Keyboard
    The coolest part of this device is how it lights up when you touch any key, as well as the Blue Tooth USB receiver that is no larger than 2 USB jacks. So there isn't any bulky receiver taking up valuable desk space, or laying on the floor. The Lithium Ion battery only needs to be charged once per month. That enables you to use it as a standalone item, just like any remote. To charge it you plug it into the included AC adapter. A cradle would take up valuable space so this is an excellent solution.
    For HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) it makes an excellent remote control center. It also has a dedicated (Windows) media control center button. By the way I was reading a high end professional review, and they touted Windows Vista Home Premium with SP1 with the Media Center built right in, as being the best application; simplest and easiest to use for automatically recording TV, playback etc. With the advent of the TV converter boxes coming out right now, converting high def into analogue so you can use it on any TV. Get the $40 coupons out right now so you only pay 10 or 20 dollars for the converter. With a signal as weak as a set of rabbit ears, you get satellite level digital quality video and sound. Check it out. That is fodder for another post.
    I love the Logitech DiNovo mini, but along with the small size, come some limitations. They keyboard is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but if you have hopes of finding the home row, and typing the way you do on a regular keyboard, forget it. Twin thumbs works fine of the keyboard, but a thumb is not the ideal appendage to use on the mouse dial. This is a combo pad with glide over mouse cursor movement control, and a complete rocking will make tab choices. The dial is large for such a small unit, but a wide thumb approaching the surface at an angle doesn't give the unit much to go on. A finer tipped impression is what is required. I find it a lot easier to use the mouse surface with an index finger, giving me a finer tipped point, then it is to try and use the wide side of my thumb. It works as well as any laptop mouse control device I have ever used. I'm an independent mouse person myself, and use Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse which is the best mouse I have ever used. It is a revolution. It accurately senses everything for movement. I can do microsurgery using only the cloth arm of my easy chair. I could talk about that for an hour. Back to the DiNovo mini.
    I noticed that some were critical of the deep tinted see through cover being made out of plastic. If it was open, and someone sat on it that could cause it to break. This unit is more like fine China to me, then something I would be tossing around the room. I admit the surface looks shiny and smooth, and could be apt to scratching over time. Logitech includes a nice wiping cloth to keep it clean.
    The PC is rapidly becoming the media center for watching TV, recording, and playing music, DVD playback, video recording and YouTube production, the list goes on. This mini makes a nice addition to your arsenal, and is the first thing I grab when I want to pull a gloat over my system. It currently is the number one selling item in multimedia electronics, according to the Amazon sales rank at the time this review was written. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • works with notebooks and PS3 with built in bluetooth. No need for the Receiver.
    diNovo Mini product works with notebooks with built in Bluetooth. No need to plug in the USB receiver. In the setup with notebook, select the option to choose the passkey for me. The notebook will generate a key for you. Enter the key generated in the diNovo mini keyboard. If you have problems with it, remove the battery and reinstall and try again. (Important your Bluetooth software in the notebook should recognize the diNovo mini first in the search mode)

    There is no need to plug in the USB receiver in Playstation 3 also. Update Playstation 3 system software to 2.2. From setting accessories, select manage the Bluetooth devices. Select start search in PS3, in the diNovo mini select the switch PS3 and press the Bluetooth connection button at the bottom. The Playstation 3 will generate a passkey. Enter the passkey in the dinovo mini keyboard. If you have problem remove the battery and reinstall.

    It is very good keyboard for the notebook and ultra portables with built in Bluetooth. Only limited or no use for Playstation 3.
    ...more info
  • A quirky qwerty
    I went from my regular keyboard to a Logitech cordless and have been happy that I did so. The next step is this couch-friendly, remote, mini keyboard/control pad, which I am using to run Media Center on my Vista PC. For quality, ease of installation and functionality, I give it full marks. For ease of use, I deduct a star. When you shrink all this functionality into such a small space, there is bound to be some penalty. Certain characters ( _ + - = \ " ' ) have been moved from their usual homes to other keys, where they require you to use the function key to type them. As at least a couple of them ( - ' ) are very common, this can be irritating. Also, I found the ClickPad, when used as a touch pad to point and click, very difficult at first, and I am still not comfortable with it. The trick is to use thumb tips for everything. This unit is not a replacement for your keyboard and mouse. But, for couch potatoes determined to take root and for those keen to eliminate clutter, this elegant, light little gadget might be just the thing for you.

    ...more info
  • think twice before you buy this!
    the touch pad is terrible! looks great others think its a cool gadget. at the end of the day you can get by just fine without it. another over priced computer toy you buy, and it spends more time in the box then in use. one thing that always happens is the second generation when it comes out, always seems to correct the problem the first one has. but i will not spend the money a second time for it. and the manufacturer never steps up to the plate and makes it wright for those who bought the first ones. some times its better to wait a while for the second generation units to come to retail....more info
  • Handy controller, but a little slow for games
    When I first pulled this product out of the box I wasn't so sure of it. The buttons looked small and close together. I thought that I was going to have problems typing with it. Luckily, that was not the case.

    After a simple installation of the software, which also synch'd up with my G5 mouse, I was off and running. I am not a Media Center user. Most of my multimedia needs are met with Nero or various Adobe products. I must say though, with the ease of control of this device I may start using Media Center more. The diNovo Mini is very intuitive to any user who knows their way around a keyboard. Most of you typical buttons are where you would expect them.

    I like the fact I can start Media Center with just a push of pre-programmed button. However, this button is also a gripe for me. When you are done with Media Center and you press the button again, I would have expected Media Center to close and XP to start up again. Instead the controller sent a shut down command to my PC. In order to close Media Center I had to use my mouse (minor annoyance).

    The keyboard felt comfortable and is usable outside Media Center. I liked that I could relax in my chair type emails without being hunched over my desk.

    The wireless connection works well. I used the USB transmitter they provided in order to get the best results. This worked fine while I was doing tasks like reading email. But for games I found the keyboard to be un-responsive at times. Several times I would have to hit the keypad more than once in order to get the keyboard to respond. And I know distance was not an issue because I was 3 feet away from the machine and had an unobstructed view of the transmitter.

    All in all, this is a great little device. Especially for someone looking for a smaller alternative to a wireless keyboard....more info
  • Sweet sweet accessory!
    I must say this is the most I've ever spent on an accessory. When I received the it, I was so surprised just from how fancy the box and packaging was! That really shows the quality.
    I have a HTPC setup and it works great from the couch. Everything is plug and play without the need to install any software. Just plug the USB bluetooth, let Windows install it and you're ready to go. Used it to run Vista Media Center and it works very smoothly. The mouse touchpad took a little bit to get used to, but it feels similar to the touchpads on laptops, just a little smaller and on a round shape rather than rectangular.

    I probably should have waited for the price to go down, but this is one of those rare times where I made a sudden purchase and didn't regret it. I hope Logitech makes more neat accessories like this and that other companies notice and follow suit. ...more info
  • diNovo Mini
    Great size, had zero connectivity issues. Back lighting is nice, but turns off quickly (i'm sure to save the battery). Keyboard reminds me of a nice texting cell phone. Mouse/cursor movement could be improved, but very usable. Some keys are hard to find or aren't there.

    Won't miss the full size keyboard while sitting in the laz-y boy, surfing in front of the big screen.......more info
  • At last - something living room friendly
    I've been waiting for about 2 years for something like this for our HTPC - which is our main TV/DVD/Music system at home. We'd bought one of the Microsoft MCE keyboards which was awful. Although you could easily use it on your lap, the IR connection and the mouse stick meant that typing/mouse control when out of Media Center was almost impossible.

    However, the diNovo Mini is great. A really sensitive mousepad, bluetooth simple, good 'thumbable' keys for both native OS and MCE, fits nicely in the hands... make using the non-MCE applications a breeze on the main HTPC (Skype, Slingplayer, Flickr Uploader, switching screens to projector etc). I particularly like the toggle between PC and MCE mode - really simple. I'm nor sure what else could be done about the lid by the designers. I like it as keep the keys protected and hidden most of the time; when lifted up it powers the unit on and, well, it's for sorting entertainment stuff out, not serious typing, so having the lid hinged up (rather than fold underneath) isn't a big deal. Adds a veil of mystery if anything to others in the living room (what am I up to?).
    The only thing that seems to be missing is the 'i' (information) button I have on other MCE controls. The " and ' key are via a function key, but I really don't think I'll be needing them much anyway from my sofa. I have a great system and keyboard on a desk for serious typing.
    This is a well designed product that sits discretely on a bookshelf/coffee table when not in use - and I can thoroughly recommend it for HTPC users...more info
  • Nice device, Does work with Mac
    As someone else said, this DOES work with Macs. I set it up last night on my MacBook Pro (10.5.2) as a bluetooth keyboard and everything seems to work. Key mappings need to be worked on, but the trackpad works very well. ...more info
  • Not recommended for PS3 control
    I have no doubt that the DiNovo Mini is brilliant with a PC. As soon as it arrived at my office, I had it up and running in XP without any more effort than plugging in the Bluetooth receiver. Mouse control, character entry, menu use, et cetera were all great.

    Unfortunately, I bought this for my PS3.

    I primarily wanted the DiNovo Mini for PS3 browser use. Browsing with a virtual keyboard is intensely annoying, so a keyboard is the only option for extended use. As a character entry and mouse control device, the Mini works great with the PS3. There are button mappings for the cross and circle buttons, allowing for basic selection and cancellation controls.

    Where the Mini fails, however, is that it does not seem to have anything mapped to the triangle, square, and Start controls. Triangle is used to access menus all over the PS3 interface, including the PS3 browser menu. Want to access your bookmarks with the Mini? What you'll need to do is grab a PS3 controller to do it. Want to type in an URL? Pick up a PS3 controller, press Start, and then pick up the Mini and do your typing.

    Outside of the browser, the Mini also fails as a Blu-Ray playback controller. To access menus during playback, one must use the square button. Again, not on the Mini so grab a controller to pull up that menu. Want to skip to the next chapter? The controls on the Mini do forward and reverse seek only when used with a PS3. Grab a controller and use L1/R2.

    There are so many occasions when you're reaching for a controller that it makes the Mini near useless. For $150, I expected a lot more from a device that has a PS3 mode. I would have been better off buying a cheap little controller mounted keypad.

    I think the keyboard itself is fantastic. Great form factor, loved the lighting schemes, and it controls a PC like a champ. But if your intended use is as an input for a PS3, do not buy it unless you're okay juggling both a controller and the Mini....more info
  • Yes, It does work on a MAC!
    As you will see from the description, there is no Mac/Apple compatibility. However, this is not entirely true. The keyboard is bluetooth and will certainly pair with your Apple computer. The mouse function and keyboard functions work beautifully. I haven't had a chance to play with it completely but the only thing I have discovered is that the function (open-apple) key doesn't seem to exist. I am sure there is a way to work around this though. The reason I gave it four stars is because the silly cover will not flip under the keyboard, it just makes things annoying, but it's minor.

    See it in action on a mac here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0oqjXemKDFY...more info
  • Just what I needed
    I was in the market to buy a new wireless setup a few months ago for my HTPC. I am glad I saw this at CES, because it was worth the wait. I didn't want a big bulky KBM combo that sits close to the couch. I have a Logitech 680 Universal remote for the purpose to keep the area uncluttered and adding the Dinovo mini helps with that task. If I was still gaming on my HTPC I may have went a different route. But I can still leave my old wireless KBM hooked up and hidden and ready to go.

    I liked the fact that you can store the bluetooth USB dongle inside the battery compartment for easy travel.

    The only things that I could say I didn't like was it felt light. I was kind of hoping for a little more weight like a PSP maybe. It is just a preference. I like things like this to not easily get knocked around. I also think the battery cover will somehow get busted in the future.( I have 3 kids)

    I cant wait for this to be integrated with their universal remotes and I will be in heaven!!!

    This product is only for certain users and you know who you are. You won't be disappointed if you buy this.
    ...more info
  • exactly what i was looking for!!!!!!!
    omg. i just got mine its amazing. in regards to the first review there is a page up and down button on the left side. only dislike is the mouse could be easier to use.mabye they will make a fix for this. im spoiled with the sensitivity of the iphone and zune on touch controls....more info
  • Apostrophe flaw, 16 missing keys, and pathetic software
    I'm writing this with a diNovo Mini, and after using it for a few months, I have to completely change my review. Unfortunately, Amazon won't let me change the star-rating, but I'd change it to one star if I could.

    Originally, my only major complaint was that I had to use the function key to type an apostrophe, because the keyboard was apparently designed by Vulcans or someone who doesn't understand how common the apostrophe is in the English language.

    Now, I've come to the realization that the diNovo Mini fails miserably in many situations because a) the keyboard is missing at least 16 keys, and b) the software provides no way to get to those keys.

    The missing keys are F1 thru F12, both square brackets and both squiggly braces. The the 1-9 keys should work as F1-F9 when pressed with the FN key... that should've been a no-brainer, right? 0+FN=delete, but delete should be moved to FN+backspace (again, more logical) so FN+0 can be F10.

    The missing bracket and braces keys mean it's unusable for wikis or sites that use bbcode to allow users to format text, and it's useless for most programming languages (not that you'd want to do a lot of programming with a tiny keyboard, but when someone asks you a programming question, forget answering with any examples.)

    But let's put the hardware flaws aside... because the software could... no... the software MUST offer the keys that the keyboard doesn't. No key to bring up a list of keys absent from the keyboars, no list of favorite key combinations or commonly entered things like our name. Nope, just three parially-customizeable buttons.

    The only way to use the missing keys is to use Windows' on-screen keyboard. That would seem simple, but read on to find out why pointing and clicking is not as easy as it should be...

    My original review also said the mouse control was difficult to get used to, but that was an understatement - the truth is that it's so inconsistent that it's barely usable. It will freeze up one minute then jump across the screen the next. This makes anything requiring any level of precision difficult. It's no fun when you drag a file somewhere, but then the pointer jumps just as you take your finger off of the mouse button, and you have to search to figure out where the file went.

    And last but not least, the claims of going for a month on a single battery charge are grossly exaggerated. Maybe if you just use it as a media remote for a couple of hours a week. I check my e-mail every weekday, and use it a lot on the weekkend - a good charge might last 2 weeks....more info
  • Stunning input device for HTPC's
    Ever since I saw and used this device at CES I knew I had to have it.

    Well, it just showed up today and while it's not for touchtyping or long emails I am writing this review with it from the couch.

    Most of the mini keyboards on the market are still quite large and have terrible ergonomics with some awful excuse for an integrated pointing device. The DiNovo Mini is different. The keyboard is small enough to keep with your remotes without anyone knowing you have an HTPC setup. I'm so tired of having a full size DiNovo Edge with a Gyration Remote Mouse taking up a ton of room. It's great for typing a lot on but there's no where to put it, and it's awkward using a real mouse on the couch or always holding your hands in the air and flicking around to use the Gyration.

    The DiNovo has excellent backlighting that only has one flaw. It makes it too hard to see the blue function keys like the ' and " but you can see all the shifted keys easily. It turns on only the trackpad backlighting when using the mouse, probably to save power but you can light up the keyboard by tapping the large function or shift keys.

    The buttons are all pretty small and the media (Play,Next,etc) are a little awkward compared to using them on a Harmony remote but it's nice to have everything on one pad and not have to pick up a remote or a keyboard or a mouse to do everything.

    You can alt tab, use windows keys, launch media center and 3 programmable buttons.. There's even a CTRL+ALT+DEL FN key. Now that's planning.

    One other minor issue is there is no scroll wheel for internet use. it would be nice if holding FN while using the mouse did a scroll, but it just turns the mouse into a up and down, kind of like scroll but you have to hold FN the whole time or keep moving the function switch (for mouse or Dpad) back and forth all the time.

    I won't lie, it's just like using a AT&T Tilt or other landscape slider smartphone keyboard. Cramped, pecking or using thumbs and writing this review has gotten to be a pain.

    But for opening up your media center files, even full WMP11 or iTunes interface, browsing the web, sending short IM's and emails, and most of what you do on an HTPC it's great.

    I will still keep the larger Edge connected for gaming, but the gyration is going in the closet.

    I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to use an HTPC in the living room, or actually uses their PS3 as a browser. It is not for desktop PC's at all, you will probably be better served with a much cheaper remote or something like the DiNovo Edge with it's media pad.

    The bluetooth range is decent but not like Gyration's 100ft so it's not really a professional presentation tool, but could be used at short (15-20) feet distances reliably. It really does make a nice powerpoint tool since you can draw on slides and have full mouse and keyboard control in presentations while standing up. Just be careful about the range.

    Thanks and hope this helps :)
    ...more info