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  • A LOT better than you might think
    At first glance, I thought this show was going to be one of those poorly produced crud-fests designed to sell cheap advertising and fill space that can't even be sold to infomercials. I am happy to say I was wrong -- very wrong.

    While the show is "light drama," it strikes chords of human emotion; characters' motivations, while both clear and obvious, run deeper than fluff. Concepts like sacrifice, honor, duty, family, and friendship flow under the lighter and brighter dialogue and character interaction. Somehow, the show has a feel both as light as an "A-Team" and as serious as any drama. It's Mitch Rapp at his most smart-aleck times. In the balance of light and heavy, it is a lot like a "Magnum, P.I.," and the primary characters have a depth of interaction that approaches that earlier show's level.
    Watch one episode for the bright and colorful camera work, the sexy and scantily-clad scenery, and some action and interaction. Or, watch the season for all that plus some much deeper arcs and character development. Either way, I don't think you will be disappointed unless you are looking for a documentary on espionage. ...more info
  • I've only bought videos of 2 TV shows In My Life
    What can I say? At age 41 this is only the second TV series I've dug deep and spent good money on! (The first was the first year of Miami Vice on DVD.) I love the characters, multiple simultaneous plot interactions, and occassional goofiness in the middle of a serious situation.

    And did I mention the Westin family in dysfunction? A million laughs with an occassional tear. Very well done guys, I may just show up the next time I'm in Miami to get autographs.
    ...more info
  • "Burn Notice" is the bomb!
    This is one of the best shows on TV right now. When I first saw the promos on TV, I thought he was going to be the guy after spies to issue the Burn Notice. How could that play out over several shows?
    But, I watched the pilot and WOW! Jeffrey Donovan is one incredibly talented method actor. He gets so into the role that you believe he actually is that character. His facial expressions, sardonic laugh and smile, his ability to change his dialect and accents so realistically make him Michael Westen.
    Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar are the perfect "sidekicks" for him. He is like the adult with two teenagers (they are silly, slightly immature, tease each other); yet they have talents too. Bruce especially is great - funny and fits the role perfectly.
    I have since rented "Believe in Me" a movie Jeffrey Donovan starred in a few years ago and once again, he was incredible. I am surprised he was not recognized for the role. And again, he was so bleivble in that role, it was hard for me to not think of him as really being Clay Driscoll.
    I can't wait for the second season (the first one has already been on). I am so saddened that the seasons are so short! Jeffrey Donovan sould be exploding on the TV/Movie market with the talent he posesses....more info
  • I love Burn Notice
    I really like this program. I have no reason to back it up... just personal preference. I think Bruce Campbell is just right for his role....more info
  • So Love It
    I absolutely love this show. I think the casting is perfect. I've always liked Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey (sp) Donovan, and Sharon Gless. I like the voice-overs; what wonderful things we can learn from them! The story lines are great. I can't wait for this show's summer return....more info
  • Not bad, but I wish I hadn't paid money to see it.
    I liked the pilot enough to purchase the whole season, but now I'm a bit disappointed (I've seen four now, so far). They're turning out more formulaic than I'd hoped, and the overall tone is a little too self-conscious, the voice-overs a little too "how hip am I" for my taste. Jefferey Donovan is likable enough, if perhaps a bit too slick and shallow in the lead role (granted, the director probably has a hand in that). He's kinda cute too, although his improbably white teeth and very self-conscious-looking smile detract a bit from his overall charm. Bruce Campbell's Sam is the only supporting character that's more than one-dimensional--he injects a little humor; the two female characters are especially cartoonish. I'll watch the second season on USA this summer if I'm not too busy, but I wish I hadn't paid money to download the first. ...more info
  • too much fun!
    I've read the previously-posted reviews and agree with all of 'em but just want to add that the filming technique (cinematography?) is also so much fun and adds tons of appeal to this show. Lots of stop-action stuff that emphasizes facial reactions to a situation and the chase scenes including the jerky scenery from helicopter height in time to the music--not too much that it's irritating, but enough to make it quite different and fun. The peppy Miami-style music is great and adds to the strong feeling of place which I love in any film or TV show. Great guest stars are so well chosen and perfect for the plots. And casting Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless was a stroke of genius. And in episode (?) when Sam & Fi introduce themselves as Detectives Cagney and Lacey was just too funny. I haven't been so excited about a new series since "West Wing." Can't wait for the new season!! I recorded 'em all and see stuff I missed every time I re-watch! A lot of action is almost slap-stick but there's a lot of subtle stuff or lines that went so fast I missed 'em the first time around. Did I mention, I CAN'T WAIT for the new season!...more info
  • One of the best shows available
    As something of an amature TV critic, I am a little hard to please. There is so much absolute trash on the broadcast waves today that even before the writer's strike, the good shows were few and far between. With Burn Notice, the USA Network has just embarrassed a great number of the producers making shows on the bigger networks.

    For ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX: Take note - you do not need a huge budget to put out a great show. What you need is creativity in the writer's room and a cast that is more than just eyecandy.

    After seeing Jefferey Donovan playing the arrogant, weasely, misogynist in comedy/chick-flicks (the most recent, "Hitch" comes to mind), I thought it would be difficult to buy him as a good-guy-spy. He pulls it off nicely without becoming a cartoon.

    His friends, however, played by the beautiful Gabrielle Anwar, and the incomparablly funny Bruce Campbell, do tend a little more toward caricatures, but this fits just perfectly to the Michael Westin-straight-man-in-a-looney-world scenario that makes the show tick.

    There are very few uncancelled TV shows that come close to this level, much less surpass it. That you may judge the quality of my opinion, I also highly recommend the following, in no particular order:

    House M.D. (FOX),
    Lost (ABC),
    The Unit (NBC),
    Battlestar Galactica (SciFi),
    Heroes (NBC)

    Beyond those, and sporting events of your favorite flavor (I recommend college football, and UFC events), I just do not think anything else is worth a discerning watcher's time. I haven't seen everything, but it doesn't take long to know if you want to invest time in a show, or whether you should give it a "Burn Notice."

    -S. Klaft...more info
  • Love it, love it, love it !!!!!!
    Absolutely the best show on tv. Funny, twisting, sly, amazing. Hope it won't become a casualty of the writer's strike....more info
  • Love the show
    I've just finished watching the season finale and I'm officially bummed that I don't have any more to watch! I've really enjoyed it. I watch it on my Zen on the metro going to and from work and I've laughed out loud many times because of the lines/cast. Very entertaining. As a couple of other people have mentioned...Fiona started out sounding Irish and then she was using an American accent as a "cover" I guess she's still under "cover"? ;-)...more info
  • best new show of the summer, widescreen in unbox
    Starring Jeffrey Donovan, on wry, "Burn Notice" is exactly what a summer series should be: fun, sharp, fast and good-looking. The cast is excellent (what the Bruce Campbell?!), and always in on the joke. (Mercifully, Fiona's (Gabrielle Anwar) painful Irish brogue from the pilot is plot-deviced away by episode 2.)

    Plus, you learn spy tricks in every episode: Need an impromptu bug? Smelt together a cell phone and a mic! Very entertaining.

    Standout guest stars include Richard Schiff, China Chow and Lucy Lawless.

    Unbox shows the episodes in widescreen (it was originally broadcast in 4:3), which is nice for people with 16:9 TV screens....more info
  • Really liked this series
    As a previous very disappointed viewer of the ill fated series "Smith" I was very happy to stumble upon a smart series like Burn Notice. These two series share some common ground. Like Good scripts, Good Casting, and engaging plots. The only problem with Smith as I can see is that the stars of the series were bad guys who continually beat the FBI...Not politically correct, thus needs to be removed from the landscape. And that's what happened..

    I'm really happy to see a series like burn Notice appear on the scene. ...more info
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!
    This is a great show! it was perfect for the 07 summer break. The only down side is that they aren't starting the 2nd season until next summer, 2008! That is a LOOOONG time to wait for a good show to come back. The characters are well written and well acted. I don't see the actors and actresses when I watch. I see the character they are playing - always a plus! and the situations He gets into are great. He's not your perfect hero with the gadget to get out any situation. This guy could use a Bond gadget or two! And over all it is just a well done show that makes for some good, fun escapism. I really believe it's a show worth checking out. It's fun, the stories aren't rehash and I really think it's one of the few shows that has good heart and true entertainment at its core....more info
  • Almost Everything
    "Burn Notice" is almost everything you could want in a spy flick. It has culture, sophistication, a beautiful woman and a devious sidekick. It brings it all together quite nicely. The only thing it's missing is "that which hasn't been done before" and I, for one, don't hold that against the series. Enjoy "Burn Notice"!...more info
  • MacGyver amped up and with two sidekicks...
    This is a fun show that has Michael as a spy who is trying to figure out who got him kicked out of the spy biz, his crazy gun-happy ex-girlfriend and his cia buddy who is a drunk. His mother and brother play minor roles - his brother is the brother from Providence the TV show - Melina K was the star of that show.

    This is action-packed and he uses a lot of MacGyver type moves to get himself out of situations or to get what he wants from others.

    The cliff hanger is great. Can't wait for Season two. The only weird thing is Gabrielle (his crazy ex) starts out with a Irish accent and ends up sounding American by the end of the first season. Weird......more info