Metz 58 AF-1 Digital Shoe Mount Flash for Olympus & Panasonic Digital SLR's with TTL, Wireless function & USB Upgradable, Guide Number 190, ISO 100 ft.
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Product Description

The Metz 58 AF-1 TTL Shoe Mount Flash is Metz's shoe mount flash designed to be compatible with all digital cameras, both current and future models. To better facilitate compatibility with current and future cameras, this flash now features a built-in USB port that allows for future firmware updates via the Internet. Designed by one of the leading industrial designers for technical products in Germany, this flash is equipped with many innovative developments. State-of-the-art secondary reflector technology, high-performance power management, newest-generation multi-zone AF metering flash and a full vertical tilt reflector system all mean that this flash is the ideal choice for professional photographers.

Customer Reviews:

  • An Excellent Accessory Flash
    This is an excellent accessory flash to the Olympus professional system.
    By accessory I mean that it provides some signifcant additional features
    that may be useful. But, there is no reason buy one of the Metz 58 or
    the smaller Metz 48 in place of the Olympus FL-50R or FL-36R.

    The reasons to consider the Metz 58 AF-1 for Olympus are because:
    1. It provides somewhat greater power.
    2. The secondary flash provides read eye reduction when the
    primary flash is in either direct or bounce positions.
    3. The modeling light function is useful with live view.
    4. The strobe light function has specialized applications.

    The build quality is comparable to the Olympus FL-50R.
    The LCD is not a easy to read as the Olympus and the
    menu and function system is not easy to use.
    The lens focal length display is not as accurate as
    with Olympus flashes and flash coverage needs to be
    confirmed through system tests.
    (And, yes the Metz is set to work in four-thirds mode.)

    The Metz has the same number of groups (A, B, C) and
    4 channels as Olympus. (Firmware Version 2.0)

    I happen to be a serious user of the Olympus system and
    the Remote Control flash system. The flash part of my system
    currently includes the Olympus Ring and Twin flashes,
    1 FL-50, 2 FL-36, 2 FL-20, 2 FL-50R, 3 FL-36R, for use
    on my E-3 and E-520 along with some other Olympus cameras.
    I use the Metz when one of its additional features are needed.

    I still need to check the precision of the Metz exposure
    relative to the Olympus flashes.
    ...more info
  • Wow !!!
    This flash is amazing. Right out of the box my flash photos are awsome....more info
  • Fully compatible with current and future digital cameras (where supported by camera)
  • Cobra Design flash reduces the redeye effect
  • High-speed flash synchronization allows flash to be used with any shutter speed (only with appropriate camera bodies)
  • Evaluative preflash metering & Stroboscopic flash for previewing effect
  • Wireless full TTL triggering