WR-D100 Wireless Camera Remote Control for Panasonic FZ-20 FZ-20K FZ-25 FZ-30 LC-1
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Product Description

Wireless RF (radio frequency) remote control for your Panasonic FZ-20 FZ-20K FZ-25 FZ-30 LC-1. Maximum operating range 100m. Compared to an infrared (IR) remote control, it allows you to operate the shutter from either direction/angle. It supports unique coding for anti-interference and avoiding wrong operation. 3 operations modes: At W Mode; the receiver is active, you can use the transmitter to control the shutter or focus. At O mode; the receiver will be a normal remote switch, and it will not consume any power. At L mode, the receiver will lock the shutter for long exposure (Bulb Mode).

Customer Reviews:

  • Satechi remote shutter release
    The remote release works well with my Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ30. All features operate as noted in instructions. Literature needs to include info re battery and replacement of battery in transmitter. Service experience positive in every way....more info
  • Fully compatible to:FZ-20 FZ-20K FZ-25 FZ-30 LC-11
  • 100 M range; does not require line-of-sight release
  • 3-mode operation for shutter, sleep, and lock; locking function for bulb exposure
  • Supports unique coding for anti-interference and avoiding wrong operation
  • With rechargeable lithium battery and charging device that has LED indicator