Here Am I
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Can an honest businesswoman take over a corrupt big-city government without being corrupted or destroyed? Granted, every previous attempt has failed, but that doesn’t make it impossible, right? Rebecca Raines knows she can be the first, even if everyone around her has doubts. When a referendum turns rich, urban Fairfax County, Virginia, into America’s sixth-largest city, Rebecca campaigns to become the new city’s first mayor. Organized crime and the corrupt officials who permeate the county government are determined to stop her. Here Am I is a fast-moving account of the worst, best, bloodiest, most triumphant three weeks of Rebecca’s life. Ultimately, she confronts three enemies, sending one to the grave, one to prison, and the third to political limbo. She takes the oath of office on her back—but not before her husband and twelve others die at the hands of the Russian Mafia, the Detroit mob, an Indonesian separatist, a Fairfax cop, two of Rebecca's friends and Rebecca herself.

Customer Reviews:
  • Harris has what it takes and Here Am I tells it alike it is.
    In the world surrounding Washington DC, where social might makes political right and the those heir to the electoral thrones are chosen from among the strangest of bedfellows, this is a story of one who did not play the usual games. With a host of unseemlies that seem unlikely but in normal life but are all too likely in the circles of intrigue, Harris paints a picture of what happens when honor plays by the rules written and not the rules understood.

    The United States is the last among the major world powers, and well among the nations of the second world, to have never had a women in the highest seat of power. Could such a story as this be the reason behind it? What would it take for one lone woman, playing by the rules, to rise by her wits and wiles without losing either her convictions or her life? Read Here Am I and find out.
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  • Well Constructed and Thoroughly Enjoyable
    The author of "Here Am I" did an excellent job developing interesting characters with whom I empathized as a fellow professional.
    The storyline is imaginative and carries the reader's attention well.
    Overall, "Here Am I" is an excellent novel....more info
  • Great read
    Rebecca is a wonderful heroine - tough, vulnerable, smart, straight-talking, great combination of business woman and politician.
    The book is a brutally honest portrayal of the dark side of big-city politics and the best-ever account of crime & corruption in Fairfax County government.
    The book is packed with action, plot twists - just can't put it down....more info
  • Elizabeth May
    I spent my teen years growing up in the DC Suburbs just across the bridge from Alexandria, Fairfax and other surrounding cities/counties in Clinton, MD (Prince Georges County.) We all lived completely immersed in the heavy politics and day to day drama of living in the shadow of our nations capitol. Those were the "Marion Barry" days if that name rings a bell! I returned to the area later in 2000 to serve my last year as a military officer in the halls of the Pentagon where I had an extremely close up view of the inner workings of Washington Politics. This book generated many memories of my days as both a young person and experienced military officer in the DC area. As a well trained and evolved military leader I could relate well to and appreciate Rebecca's qualities. She truely was the hero that we aspire to be and/or look for in our leadership at many levels of government. The truth about the ugly side of politics will hopefully serve as enlightenment and a wake up call. The read was riveting and I spent every moment of free time I could spare on it from the time I turned the first page until finished!...more info
  • Great Read
    Intelligently written and discriptive. The book does a good job of painting a picture in your mind; which is what a good novel should do. Smooth read. The story is realistic and would make a good TV drama. Can't beat the price. I will purchase the paperback version as well when it comes out....more info
  • Dirty government isn't just for poor people and foreign countries!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, a refreshing diversion from the typical.

    The author provides a superb view into the dirty world of city politics, with accuracy and realism that can only be imparted by someone who has been there.
    Our straight-shooting protagonist (figuratively and literally) fights to maintain her sense of decency while the people around her are shredded in the gears of the political machine.

    Between the creative plot evolutions, the fight to maintain decency in an indecent environment, and the views through the gears of dirty government, the author provides a delightful read. Very well done and definitely recommended!

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  • Here I Am
    Being a professional woman I found it refreshing to see the portrayal of a strong, independent woman who does not waiver in her quest for truth or compromise her integrity. As a woman, I also truly appreciated that a woman of politics doesn't need to resort to playing "the victim" in an attempt to gain popularity or win. A compelling read....more info
    I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC in the 70s and "HERE AM I" took be back to those days. What could be more exciting than a strong woman, Government corruption and international intrigue? A great read.
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