Z-Hour Car Alarm System with Paging and Remote Control
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Product Description

The first documented case of car theft was in 1896, only a decade after gas-powered cars were first introduced. From that early era to today, cars have been a natural target for thieves: They are valuable, reasonably easy to resell and they have a built-in getaway system. Some studies claim that a car gets broken into every 20 seconds in the United States alone. Protect your vehicle with Z-HOUR car alarm system.

  • State-of-the-art features assure reliable "round-the-clock" protection against break-in or theft
  • Minature keychain controller arms/disarms the system and sounds panic alarm
  • Break-in or theft attempt activates siren and/or pocket pager
  • Pager has up to two-mile range
  • Valet override for servicing and attendant parking and dash-mounted alarm status lights warn thieves to beware.