KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone DVR - MPEG 4, 4CH
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Product Description

KWorld KGuard Security KG-S120 Standalone DVR Video security surveillance is only effective if your recording medium is as good as your camera. That's why Kguard has developed the KG-S120 Standalone DVR. Perfect for business or professional installations, the KG-S120 is designed for those who are building a system for the first time, or administrating current videotape based surveillance systems. The KG-S120 Standalone DVR digitally records the video feeds from any 4-channel security camera network. With Advanced MPEG-4 compression formatting, you'll get higher quality recordings that take up even less storage space. You can even stream MPEG-4 video from your KG-S120 to anywhere via Internet Connection.