Wireless HeliCAM - R/C Dragonfly Helicopter w/ Miniature Video+Audio Camera - HeliCAM Captures All the Action from Above! - Fully Assembled & Easy to Fly.
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Product Description

Helicopter Camera: The camera runs on a 9V battery and its images and sound are picked up by a specially designed wireless receiver (powered by wall outlet) which easily attaches to any TV or VHS/DVD/DVR unit - NO WIRES! SPECIFICATIONS --- HeliCAM System: - Micro camera & microphone installed inside R/C Helicopter - ready to use! - Fully self standing - no wires or clunky connections. - High resolution color camera runs on 9V battery. - Easy set up: Connect the receiver to any TV/VCR/DVD/DVR (RCA cables included) to view or record all the action. - Camera pointed from front of R/C Helicopter which gives the most exciting views. - PAL & NTSC systems available. Dragonfly RC Helicopter: It's time to soar the great blue skies with the Dragonfly remote controlled helicopter. This life like helicopter is powered by two electric motors and can fly up to 100 feet high at speeds up to 12 mph. Soft, gradual control response and stable hovering characteristics also make it one of the easiest R/C helicopters to fly! The digital proportional radio system with remote control is easy to learn making it suitable for beginners. The fully functional two channel remote features left, right and up, down controls and allow hovering at any altitude. The main frame and body of this durable helicopter are constructed using ABS crash resistant plastic Includes: - Dragonfly RC Helicopter - Radio control transmitter (8 AA batteries not included) - AC charger - English manual - Ni-MH rechargeable battery (included) Features: - Full function radio control - Twin electric motors - Altitude and rotor speed control - Flight stabilizing system - Super lightweight airframe - Brake for easy landing - Charges in just minutes - Realistic looks. - Long flight times - Ready to fly Specifications: - Dimensions: 23.5 in. L x 6.5 in. H x 6.25 in. W - Main blades diameter: 19.5 inches - Tail rotor diameter: 5.75 inches

  • Complete Wireless System - Dragonfly R/C Helicopter (w/ Remote Control, Rechargeable Battery Pack & Charger) + Camera System w/ Audio & Video Capability + Receiver & A/C Power Source + Instruction Manual + A/V Cables, etc.
  • This Helicopter Camera by HobbyXCAM is integrated into Super Dragonfly R/C Helicopter; yet it is fully functional and able to show you at Skyhigh-level all the action capture from your Helicopter in full color & sound! No wires or clunky connections.
  • All you do is power the Helicopter Camera with 9 volt battery and take off! You will then be able to view & record the action (both video & audio) on TV, VCR, Camcorder or DVR connected to the included remote reception unit.
  • magine showing your sky and ground view just as it would look if you are the helicopter pilot in the cockpit. Camera pointed from front of R/C Helicopter which gives the most exciting views.
  • This is a R/C Helicopter Hobbyist's dream come true!