Pan & Tilt Camera w/ Monitor
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Product Description

The wireless remote pan and tilt camera kit is the perfect camera for use in baby care, gardening, parking lots, and the office. This 2.4GHZ color, wireless camera transmits video and sound (with its built-in microphone) to the 2.4GHz handheld portable 2.5 inch TFT monitor-which has a screen resolution of 640x240. For a clearer picture you can connect the receiver to a monitor or TV with an AV cable that is included. The camera can rotate 270 degrees horizontally and 120 degress vertically -all at the touch of a button on the receiver. The minimum illumination of the camera is 0 lux. The unobstructed effective range is 100 meters (about 330 feet). The night vision range is 5 meters or about 16 feet and turns on automatically. The unit comes with 2 AC adapters and 1 earphone. The camera weights in at 0.66 pounds and has dimensions of 4.05 inches x 4.09 inches x 4.05 inches. The receiver weights in at 0.33 pounds and has dimensions of 2.68 inches x 5.87 inches x 1.02 inches. The receiver can operate on 4 AAA batteries that are not included or the DC 9v 1.5 A adapter that is included. The camera can only be powered by the DC 9v a.5 A adapter that is included. Three channels are avaliable to avoid possible interference.

  • This Camera Pans and Tilts!!
  • Comes With a Monitor
  • Wireless, 2.4 GHZ transmitter included!
  • Perfect For Baby Monitoring