VGA01 adapter For CPD561/560/501/502/503/505/505D/507/507D
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Product Description

The popularity of LCD monitors is larger than CRT monitors nowadays, and the market share of LCD monitors has reached over 50%. Dump your old VGA converter!! VGA01 is especially designed to work with your LCD monitor, and it is definitely the best professional converter & the power supply is provided by DVR which is worth to have CPCAM VGA01 Adapter let you connect you DVR to any computer monitor or LCD monitor to any of our Real-Time MPEG-4 DVR Will work with CPD560, CPD561, CPD501, CPD502, CPD503, CPD503D, CPD505, CPD505D, CPD505HC, CPD507, CPD507D, CPD506HC, AVC781, AVC782, AVC783, AVC783D, AVC785, AVC785D, AVC715C, AVC715D, AVC787, AVC787D, AVC717C, AVC717D, AVC760, AVC761

  • Connection DVR Side: MONITOR OUTMonitor Side: D-Sub
  • Function :1. Output Resolution Up to 1024768@60Hz
  • 2. Analog non-interlaced RGB Output Supported
  • 3. NTSC / PAL System Auto Detection