Miniature Magnetic Contact Switch
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Product Description

Safeguard your home's doors and windows with magnetic security contacts that can barely be seen! These miniature security contacts are only half the size of standard contacts perfect for discreetely hiding behind window and door frames. In addition to windows and doors, these small contacts are ideal for alarming safes, gun cabinets, jewelry boxes, china cabinets, or just about anything that opens and closes. Compatible with most standard, hardwired alarm systems. They stick on with supplied self-adhesive tape, or can be screwed down. Contacts are closed when magnet and sensor are together.

  • Alarm Your Doors and Windows Without Big, Unsightly Sensors!
  • Half the size of standard magnetic security contacts
  • Protect doors, windows, gun cabinets, jewelry boxes and much more
  • Works with nearly all standard, hardwired alarm systems
  • Dimensions: 1 1/4" long and 1/4" thick, with 1-inch operational gap