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Product Description

Have you ever left for work in the morning only to realize that you accidentally left the garage door open all night long? Restore your peace of mind with the Autocloser-GA, an automatic garage attendant that automatically closes your garage door when you inadvertently leave it open. The Autocloser-GA incorporates the latest micro-controller technology, infrared light sensors and advanced software algorithms to deliver a safe and reliable product yet it installs onto most garage door openers in minutes! There's even a disable button you can press for those times where you do want to keep the garage door open. Only basic hand tools are needed for proper installation. The unit is AC powered (adapter included). The Autocloser-GA is recommended for use with garage door openers that comply with the latest government safety requirements (i.e. those with automatic reversing mechanisms and electronic photo eye sensors that detect obstructions). If your garage door does not have these government-mandated safety features, replace or update your garage door opener before installing the Autocloser automatic garage attendant.

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great, easy to install
    Easy to install, works great. Manual says "BE SURE YOU SCREW THE ELECTRIC PLUG INTO THE OUTLET" because if it falls out of your ceiling outlet it will hurt. But the plug doesn't have the screw tab pictured so you can't screw it in. I secured it with something else.

    I also didn't know that the disable button required a separate wire from the unit across the top of the garage over to the inside opener button. I have a finished garage, and the opener wires are run hidden behind the wall. So now I have a second wire that runs exposed along the ceiling and wall. It works fine, it's just unattractive. Other than these two items, I have no problems and would buy it again....more info
  • works exactly as advertised
    After leaving the garage door open more than once in our new house I Googled "auto garage door closer" -- after a little research I picked this one and am extremely satisfied.

    I installed this in January 2008 (nine months ago) and have had no problems whatsoever, it works every time we leave the garage door open (which lately is rare -- this thing does wonders for the memory). We have it set for 5 minutes, but I set it to 2 minutes when I show it to family/friends/neighbors. After 5 minutes of the garage door being open the unit beeps loudly for 30 seconds, brings the door down a couple feet then brings it all the way back open (to warn that the door is about to close), then closes the door all the way, beeping all the while. Push on the disable button to keep the door open another 5 minutes (or for however long the unit is set for) or hold the button until the unit beeps twice to keep the door open until you close it yourself (don't forget!).

    Only 2 minor glitches during installation:
    1) the AC adapter didn't have a screw hole-tab, as it shows in the manual, to secure it to the ceiling receptacle, but I secured it by wrapping a plastic cable-tie around it and the receptacle plate;
    2) the supplied bolt was too thick for the holes in my particular J-brace, so I used an existing J-brace bolt.
    Otherwise installation was relatively easy. I did install the disable button in the garage away from the button for the garage door opener; this was to avoid confusion for other users. The manual instructs to mount them side-by-side.

    Before you buy this make sure your automatic garage door opener conforms to the latest government safety requirements: it has to have a properly working reverse mechanism and a photo eye mechanism. The Autocloser might work without these safety features, but the user manual stresses to "replace or update your garage door opener with a compliant model before installing the Autocloser."

    The 32-page "Installation Manual And User's Guide" is well written with diagrams. The unit and accessories came professionally packed in pre-cut foam, and it's made in the USA -- a huge plus with me....more info
  • works well and is easy to install
    I was reluctant to buy this as I didn't know if it would fit our door/closer assembly or how well it would operate. Well, it will work on any application I can think of and it has worked perfectly for a few months now. At first I thought the warning beeper WAY TOO LOUD but have since realized that it needs to be this loud so we can hear it out in the yard if we forget to override it when leaving the garage door open on purpose. It has been a relief to know that even if someone forgets to close the garage it won't be left open all day. ...more info
  • Great Idea (Why isn't this a standard feature on new openers?)
    The product comes with the sensor, reflector, wire, velcro, and instructions. It took me all of 30 mins and 3 tools (wire stripers, wire cutters and flat tip screw driver) to install it and that was only because I was taking my time.
    Basically it's a door open alarm that triggers the garage door to close via the same two wire connection used on the wall button. This is such a great idea that I wonder why the new openers don't come with it as a standard feature. You can change the time interval from 2 to 30 mins before it closes the door. Also, if you work in the garage and want the door to stay open there is a disable button that will turn it off. Once the doors closes and re-opens the auto closer is on again. It has a very high pitch beep to warn you before it closes and works with most every garage door opener out there. Great instructions and easy steps to get it installed.

    This is an very good product that works just the way it should and requires Zero modification of your current garage opener. Great Idea!...more info
  • Deter theft and restore peace-of-mind by making sure your garage door is closed
  • Audible and visible alerts before closing provide extra safety
  • Installs easily in minutes to almost any garage door opener
  • Battery: AC powered; Requires 110V power outlet.
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.