Slimline Hardwired Combination Garage Door Keypad
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Product Description

Enjoy the freedom of being able to take your morning jog or walk the dog without carrying keys or remotes. With the Slimline Hardwired Combination Garage Door Keypad, the only key you'll need is the 6-digit code you carry in your head. The code is completely user-programmable in three easy steps, and can be easily changed at any time you wish. Simply enter the code, and the keypad stays disarmed for 20 seconds after a correct code is entered, to allow you to stop or reverse the garage door with one keystroke. Backlighting allows convenient operation in the dark and a flip-up cover provides weather protection. At just 0.6" thick and 5" high, this is one of the most compact surface-mount combination keypads we've found.

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to open the garage without a remote or without walking through the house
  • You set the code yourself in three easy steps
  • Works with all garage door openers
  • Dimensions: 0.6" thick and 5" high