Portable USA PU-15WB Wireless 15-Inch Digital Picture Frame
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Product Description

The Portable USA PU-15WB is an elegant wooden frame that can show off your digital pictures, movies on a bright crystal clear, large 15" screen by simply adding a memory card from your camera or connecting to your computer. It's the brightest way to display your digital photos. The frame can store around 1000 pictures on it's 256MB internal memory and by simply adding a media card (or two) you can reduce that clutter in your house and show off more than you could dream of with this digital picture frame. By adding MP3 music files (played through built in speakers) to your cards you can add sound to create soothing or exciting slide shows - it's just so simple. Create your own perpetual slide shows. Handy remote control for pausing or rotating pictures. You can use two different media cards at once. By adding the included bluetooth dongle you can even transfer files from your compatible cellphone or computer. It's so easy to use. Simply insert the media card from your camera and enjoy.

Customer Reviews:

    Portable USA PU-15WBX 15-Inch Digital Picture Frame with 512MB of Memory and Free 1GB SD Card (Cherry)


    The item that is shipped does not match what is described. It comes in a black cheap frame. Not the Cherry frame that it shows.

    Until Amazon corrects the description do not order this item. You will not be happy....more info
  • Not just met, but exceeded my expectations!
    After reading the reviews for this product carefully, I chose the Portable USA PU-15WB 15-inch digital frame. I decided on the 15 inch size because both my husband and I have vision problems and the smaller sizes I have seen on display were difficult to see unless you were very close to them.

    We are extremely satisfied with the size, the quality of the output and the ease of use.

    The instructions indicated that a copy of a free program to size the photos to the ideal size was available on the frame itself for download. I was nervous about getting it off the frame, so I searched on Google for the name of the software, found it and downloaded it to my computer from the internet. It was easy to set up and use. I just size my photos, save them in a folder, then copy them to a 1 gig memory stick and plug that into the frame.

    It is simple to remove the stick, add or delete photos and plug it back into the frame again!

    I highly recommend this frame. The larger size is definitely worth the extra cost....more info
  • Looks Like a Winner...
    I purchased this for my wife. We haven't yet used all the functions, but the initial set-up couldn't have been easier and it has worked perfectly. The photos all show up very well. The display is bright and visible from any possible viewing angle. Compared to what I've seen in stores like Target, this seems to be a good value in terms of display size and quality.

    Update (28 NOV): I paid ~$140 for this. The price seems to have jumped a bit....more info
  • Great frame
    This a great frame, as everyone states.

    As a tip, if you have trouble with your JPEG images that came from Photoshop, you MUST save these as Baseline "Standard" under the format options of the JPEG options. If you use Photoshop, you'll see what I mean.

    Just click "Save As..." and be sure JPEG is chosen. When you click the "Save" button, the next small dialog box that pops up are your "JPEG Options". First thing in this dialog box is "Image Options", select whatever quality you want (I always go for the gusto and choose 12, max). Right under that, is "Format Options" with three choices: Baseline ("Standard"), Baseline Optimized, and Progressive, Scans 3, 4, or 5. I noticed that some of my photos (the ones that did not work with this frame, that show up as a fuzzy document icon with a red X emblazoned on it), had been saved as "Progressive" with 3 Scans... If you simply check the Baseline ("Standard") option, your photo will now display on the Photo Frame! Voila...

    Hope this helps... sorry I cannot provide the technical reasons behind why the JPEG Progressive Scans don't work!...more info
  • Greate display real estate
    I bought this product after a lot of research. Choose this product as it has good memory (1GB) and can take up different cards for input. Directly plugin you card, there is no need to transfer images into onboard memory.

    I am happy for my purchase.

    Only issue it that the product is now $25 cheaper in Amazon since I purchased and I am not sure it Amazon have 30 day price guarantee....more info
  • Probably not a good idea
    After postponing the decision to buy a picture frame several years while the technology improved and the price decreased, I finally bought this frame to display family pictures and quasi-serious nature photography. Here are the pros and cons:

    Pros: Bright good quality color, visible from a good angle right to left (although not up and down). Large size for the money (about $200 right now). No software to install on your computer; the frame shows up as a drive onto which you can copy your pictures and also has sockets to accept various types of memory devices. And, finally, no reflection on the frame per se, but Amazon's service was fantastic. I opted for free shipping and they sent it UPS very quickly.

    Cons: The first, and biggest is that it simply doesn't display some pictures. Instead, it displays a weird-looking fuzzy icon consisting of a document page behind a large red circle with a white X through it. This seems to be the case whether the files are placed in the internal memory of the frame, an in-camera memory stick type device or a standard USB flash drive (either of which is inserted in a socket in the back of the frame). To add insult to injury, no where in the manual is this problem described or analyzed. I can't discern any pattern as to which files it doesn't like, except that it seems to be SOME (but not all) of the files I have worked on using Adobe Photoshop. Well, guess what, those are the ones I want most to display. And speaking of the manual, it is pretty close to useless, except for a buried warning not to hook it up to your computer before turning it on. The writing is very poor and misleading; if it were a paper by one of my students I'd give it a D. At various places, we are told to "hit" one or another button, which is clear enough, but evinces a fast, sloppy job of writing.

    The second big problem is not being able to change the order in which the slides are shown. There is a "random" setting on the menu (good luck in navigating to that point; you'll be lucky if you don't accidentally set the language to Chinese, and, if you do, you'll need to know the Chinese expressions for "set language" and "English"), but that setting is the factory default and it doesn't display them randomly but seems to want to display them in alphabetical order of filename. But if you display a bunch that you have put on a memory stick and then add others to the same stick, it seems to know that, and displays the second batch after the first, and in alphabetical order. If you insert a stick it only displays what's on that stick, and won't display what's in internal memory until you unplug the stick. I'd like it to do through all of them, but it won't do that.

    Regardless of what the advertising says, there is essentially no customer support. The website is completely useless, as there is no way on it to contact the company with questions. The support page has prices on it; seems very strange; it appears the website has some problem. And needless to say, there is no mention of the red-and-white X icon in the FAQs. There's a section of glowing testimonials by "customers" whose authenticity is highly questionable, since there is no web-based fax number, email address or phone number by which to contact the company. The company does provide their street address, so, presumably those satisfied customers walked in and delivered their testimonials in person.

    There are lots of bells and whistles on this thing; it plays movies and even has some tinny speakers so that it can play sound movies and mp3 files. You can even display a calendar (maybe these should go in the "pro" category if you like that sort of thing). But all these options make the setup menu even more difficult to navigate; it's just about impossible in the first place. The problem is that it doesn't do a good job on its BASIC task, displaying still pictures, with more or less the same options for doing so that one would find on the screen saver of a personal computer.

    The frame doesn't come with a Bluetooth dongle, you have to fill out a card and send it in to the factory to get that. Since I am still considering returning it, I haven't sent the card in yet, so I can't comment on that feature.

    A small but telling matter is the sloppiness of manufacture. The matting looks like it was cut by a kid with an Exacto knife, not a professional picture frame shop mat cutter. And there are a few pieces of dirt behind the glass. These problems no doubt come from outsourcing manufacture to the lowest bidder.

    Another small gripe is the remote. The response to pushing a button on it is very slow and there is no tactile feedback, so it's hard to know if it's working or not. The remote uses a mercury battery instead of standard AA or AAA batteries, so, when it comes time, it may be hard to find a replacement. On the other hand, there's not really much reason to use the remote, as many of its buttons are already on the back of the frame.

    All in all, I get the impression that the manufacturer sincerely wants to deliver a quality product at an affordable price. The execution, however, leaves a lot to be desired. The company seems to be run by a bunch of well-intentioned amateurs with inadequate adult supervision. I haven't decided whether or not to keep the frame. It depends on whether or not I can get a satisfactory resolution to my problems. But that will require some work and expense. I'll probably have to get their NON toll-free phone number and call them, which I haven't yet tried. If that doesn't work, then I will be returning it.
    ...more info
  • No random slideshow feature
    It's worth noting that the display was lovely. Like so many of these digital frames it has a less than intuitive menu, but my big issue with this product (and why it had to be returned) was lack of a random slideshow. With 3200 pictures, a random slideshow feature is a must....more info
  • Purchases as part of a 50th anniversary gift
    This frame is very nice. We put a lot of pictures into it prior to giving it as an anniversary gift. It is a little pricier than I would expect, but it did the trick....more info
  • slideshow is NOT random, only sequential
    The frame is very nice, the picture/display quality is great, and it worked well (tested it for less than an hour).

    However, the slideshow is NOT random. That means if you have 500 pictures, it will always start with picture #1 when you turn it on.

    It seems that most digital frames do not offer random slideshows. Philips is an exception, and so is Opteka. Some SmartParts frames are random, while others are not. Check the reviews, manufacturers website, etc.; if you can't tell, then it probably is not random.

    Also, beware of "random slideshow fade" or "random slideshow effects"; this means that the effect when changing from one picture to another picture is random. That is not the same as random slideshow or shuffle.

    Fortunately, I bought this frame from Amazon; both the original shipping and return shipping were free; so, I didn't lose any money.
    ...more info
  • Excellent frame..minor problems
    Great resolution and display options, especially the option to run videos.
    Although I did need to purchase software to convert to divx it is still worth it. The major problem I have is the inability to transfer data from a USB stick into the installed flash card which makes me have to shut down and move the frame to my computer (I do not have a bluetooth computer) to transfer additional data. The frame is still a terrific way to get those digital pictures out for display and enjoyment!...more info
  • Nice Frame, Good Picture, Narrow Viewing Angle
    This frame is a great size. It is easy to use and with an SD card,will hold an amazing number of pictures. It has a very narrow viewing angle, so positioning is critical. It comes with a support so that the frame can stand on a desk or shelf. It is a bit big for most desks. On a shelf, the frame has to be very close to eye level. We put ours on a shelf above a desk. The picture was nearly invisible while sitting at the desk.

    If you hang it on the wall, bear in mind that you need to be almost directly in front of the frame to really see the images....more info
  • Digital Frame
    This frame was a bit too small for what I wanted it for. It does have a remote which was nice....more info
  • digital picture frame
    I am very pleased with my picture frame. The only downside is when I turn it off the frame always restarts the slideshow at the beginning and doesn't resume where it left off. It takes a 4 g card and that holds a great deal of pictures.
    My frame is on the wall; hiding the cord was a challenge but it looks great there. I love the size and often wish I'd gotten the bigger one....more info
  • Good BANG for the Buck
    Sent as a present, it continues to perform after 9 months of use. This is a great digital frame for the price paid....more info
  • Great Product & Amazing Amazon Service!
    Love the Frame!! Quality Product.... Highly reccomended!!
    P.S. First frame arrived with broken glass.Amazon replaced it even before I returned the defective product.(Great Service!)
    ...more info
  • Love this frame!
    This frame is great! The large display is easy to see from lots of angles. It was easy to set up too! The only thing I would have liked was a lighter shade of stain, but even that is easy to overlook because the frame is fabulous!...more info
  • 4 stars
    I bought this for my mother. It is easy to upload, customer service is excellent. The only real complaint I have is the "instructions" are very minimal. Once you learn though it's a breeze. And again, you can rely on the customer service. And, you actually speak to a real person! Mine came with one of the glass pieces broken which was easily resolved. All in all it's a beautiful frame....more info
  • Excellent purchase
    As noted by others, Amazon's packaging for shipping this product was poor. Not enough packing material in the box. Bought as gift for grandmother's 100th birthday. She was delighted, pictures are bright and brilliant. Menu system a little goofy, but easy enough once you figure it out. They could tale some lessons from Apple. ...more info
  • One of the best frames
    I purchased this frame together with SP1200 from SmartParts and this PortableUSA 10inch frame really rocks (while the SP1200 doesnt rock at all). Its display quality is outstanding, its really bright and visible from wide angle and user interface is clean and usable as well. A great bonus it its replaceable wooden frame in black. Difference between 10inch and 12inch is substantial. If I was to purchase frames again, I would for sure prefer the 10inch over the 12inch. ...more info
  • almost perfect except for..
    A wonderful piece of electronics! Plays/shows all my videos, photos and music, though the volume could be louder.. some way to hook to external speakers? My only complaint is that it won't display Adobe .pdf files. Some of my patients are readers but have special seating needs or are confined to bed, making it difficult to use a computer (besides they often find the 60 cycle CRT flicker gives 'em a headache). The wealth of e-books available on line all seem to be in .pdf, and a download to this light-weight, remote controlled frame would be a glorious doorway to many pleasant hours that would otherwise pass slowly and uncomfortably....more info
  • Good product from a reliable company
    There are quite a few competing digital picture displays, and this seems to be among the very best of its kind, and reasonably priced. With this particular model a Bluetooth dongle is included for wireless connection to Bluetooth-equipped computers and cell phones. The part is not actually packed in the box; if you want one you request it, as I did, and the company quickly mails one to you. The two interchangeable frames are handsome, and the display accepts several kinds of memory modules as well as USB memory sticks for input and to supplement its 256Mb internal memory....more info
  • Great picture frame
    I bought this for my mother in law for pictures and the quality and ease of using is great. Highly recommend....more info
  • Definitely Worth the Money
    I bought this frame for my Wife's Birthday gift. At first it came and the glass had been broken during shipment (poorly packaged) which apparently has happened before. Amazon was good about it and a new one arrived the next week. The second packing job really wasn't much better but I got lucky that time.
    The frame is huge and pictures look great..very crisp. I really like the picture/music combo so you hear music in the background while pictures scroll. The video is a little slow and the speaker is not great quality, but it is passable.
    Overall, it is really user friendly and it has many ways to import pics without using a computer. This would be good for a business since you can also display text. I highly recommend this frame for anyone wanting to display pictures so that you can actually SEE them...even at an angle. I am fairly critical of electronics and this one really gives a lot of bang for the buck! ...more info
  • mixed review
    I bought this because it specifically said it would play video. I have a lot of photos and videos taken on my Kodak camera and I want a way to display both.
    The picture quality is great and it's easy to use... BUT
    I couldn't get my videos to work. I converted them to every file the manual said and still could not get them to play. I tried an experiment to see if a video from my Sony Cybershot would work and that worked. But all the video I want to see is from the Kodak camera.
    Also as with a lot of these frames it does not randomize the pictures but you see them in the same order starting with #1 when you turn it on. The photo's and video do not play together in a randomized slide show. It's either photo's or video not both.
    If you just want to look at photo's I recommend it but the video part is trickier. ...more info
  • Excellent frame...bluetooth doesn't work
    I have this picture frame and I love it!! The only down side is that when I added a bluetooth dongle...my computer would recognize the frame, but nothing would happen when I turned the bluetooth on the frame...and put the password in. I don't know how to make it bluetooth compatible...i have 3 dongles that I have tried and nothing has worked. This is a disappointment as I bought it because of the bluetooth feature.
    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the bluetooth to work PLEASE comment!!...more info
  • Inferior product but A GREAT COMPANY !
    Portable, USA manufactures this product. The digital frame is small and is not very sharp. After 2 weeks the unit failed. Using the Internet, I located the company's phone number and called to ask what I should do. I also said the frame was too small and its design made it unstable as it sat on the table.

    Immediately, the company suggested that I return it, and they then recommended a larger digital frame that would also be more brilliant and sharper. For only $65 additional dollars they would send the largher frame upon reciept of my smaller defective product. This, they stated, would again make me a happy first-time user.

    The new 10 inch frame is so much better. It also has a remote control and the frame sits on the table top in a stable manner.

    Go with the larger frame, even if this is your first purchase of a digital frame. What an enjoyable way to have friends see the family photos when visiting. The photos are clear, even from across the room.

    Portable, USA (as a company) was very helpful. A good choice....more info
  • Great deal for the money!
    As a somewhat particular analyst, I searched long and hard for a DPF that could provide good looking visuals that can be enjoyed from anywhere in a decent sized room. I almost bought another brand, but at the last minute came across the P-USA 12 inch, and after reading almost all of the 65 reviews, the vast majority of which were positive, decided that that many people can't be too wrong. The positive comments about the display, real customer service, the features, the warrantee, and the low price, coupled with Amazon service and support, made this a no-brainer. It provided everything I wanted. My family even commented on how well they could see the picture from side angles. In balance, it has taken me a little bit of time to figure out how to work the settings and menu. Even there though, the real person customer service was great. For the price, this is the one to go to. ...more info
  • Awesome digital frame!
    I bought this frame as a Father's day/Birthday gift for my Dad. At first it came and the glass had been broken during shipment. Amazon was great about it and a new one arrived in two days. The frame is huge and pictures look great. We even had scanned pictures and they still looked amazing. It is really user friendly, my mother was able to get it started without a problem. It has many ways to import pics, making it great for everyone. I highly recommend this frame for anyone wanting to display pictures so that you can actually SEE them!...more info
  • Good product and excellent customer service
    Portable USA 10.4-Inch PU10WE 1GB Digital Picture Frame with Two Wood Frames

    Like several other reviewers, the first frame I received had a broken post that held the LCD screen in place. Amazon had a new frame to me within 4 days and gave me up to 30 days to return the defective frame. The second frame was in perfect condition.

    This frame has excellent resolution and the 10.4 inch screen size is an excellent size for viewing images across a room. It uses the 4:3 image proportion which was the best proportion for most of my older digital images. All images have to be in a JPEG format. Images are still clear when viewing the frame from the side but do not do well if you try to view them from below if you were to wall mount it.

    It is easy to put a large number of images on the internal memory, a whopping 1 GB, by using the USB cable and connecting to your computer. It sees it as an external drive. You can also use a memory card or flash drive to transfer images. Another nice aspect about this frame, which may be true for all these types of digital frames, is you can also just insert a memory card from your digital camera (it takes several different types) and use it to view your digital images without loading them on to the internal memory.

    The images can be cycled at a rate of 5 , 10, 30, 60 seconds or 1 hour. The frame comes with a remote control which you use to access most features of the frame.

    The unit also comes with two frames: a more traditional wood frame and a black contemporary frame. It is easy to change the frame style by just removing 4 screws--you do need a very small Phillips head screw driver to do it.

    Two aspects of the frame are somewhat disappointing. First, the images are arranged alphabetically and are always cycled in this manner. It does not have a "random" choice. On the other hand, this works fine if you want to have them cycle in a specific order. The second problem: if the unit is powered off, it always starts back at the very beginning so if you have a large number of files, it may be a long time until you get to the images at the end of the alphabet.

    Customer support is without a doubt the best I have ever encountered. Every time I have emailed support a question I have received an answer within a day or less. If the problem gets beyond email communication, you are always invited to call.

    I have now ordered two of these frames. The first I gave to my daughter for her 30th birthday with 350 images loaded on to the internal memory. The second frame I am giving to my in-laws for their 60th anniversary and it has over 600 images on it.

    Bottom line: I like these frames and find them to be a good value for this size and Portable USA provides excellent customer support, which based on other reviews, may not be true of other frame manufacturers. ...more info
  • Gets the job done.
    The screen size is nice and large. Picture quality is quite good (about what you'd expect when you convert a large resolution pic to a snapfish or other online photo service's size and resolution). The remote is very useful and intuitive. Easy to transfer files from PC via flash drive or usb, or from your camera's memory card. Only drawback is the inability to "shuffle" the photo slideshow randomly....more info
  • Good bang for your buck
    While the image looks pizelated when you stand close to it, and the lack of internal memory forces you to give up one of your SD cards, the overall product is very solid and it is definitely a good bang for your buck considering its one of the cheaper digital picture frames. I am overall satisfied with my purchase of it. ...more info
  • All-around BEST digital frame!!
    This is my all time favorite frame. I use it in real estate and display photos of the home that I am showing during Open House. Also, I give one as a gift to the buyer of the home I sold. Everyone is so happy to get one. The quality and look of this frame is top notch...wonderful size too!! I get tons of compliments on it, and highly recommend it for any business and use. ...more info
  • Totally love it!!
    This digital frame exceeds all of my expectations.
    The 12 inch screen is the perfect size to enjoy my photos
    and videos, and my older parents like it because they don't have to
    squint to see it and they can use it without a computer.
    In digital frames, you get what you pay for and I can say that this
    frame is top quality with wonderful resolution and features.
    I am glad I bought it....more info
  • Wireless Picture Frame by Portable USA, 10.2-inch
    This picture frame works well, the picture is bright and well contrasted, but has something loose inside rattling around. It is listed as wireless and has wireless in its title, but you must have it plugged into an electrical outlet to provide power. There is no battery option. If a wireless portable frame is what you are after, this is not it....more info
  • The importance of shipping.
    This product sounded great from its description. Unfortunately, I never got to use it because it was poorly packed and was destroyed enroute. I found a much cheaper product that has worked very well. In the future, I'll stick to buying books....more info
  • Nice
    Quality is what I expected. Directions were straight forward. It worked out of the box....more info
  • Better than I expected!
    I got this frame for $149 from Amazon for my Mom. I was was very reluctant since the resolution said it was only 640x480 but, when you load pics on it, they look really good. Only pics from a cell phone are kind of grainy but that's due to the camera in the cell phone. The fact that you can "beam" your pic over to see it on a big screen is great!

    I love the fact that this frame is so versatile. SD/MMC/CF no problem. I even attached my 250GB mini hard-drive up and was able to play videos from it as well as play mp3's. Sound is not very good but it works...

    The remote is a nice touch and it makes it easy for Mom to find her pics.

    Now that I see the price went up $50, I'm really sorry I didn't get myself one...

    ...more info
  • Arrived Broken
    I ordered two for gifts and both arrived broken. The boxes were all in good shape, so who knows what happened. I've requested replacements, but if they arrive broken as well, I'll just move on to a different product.

    Not happy....more info
  • Great product - SUPER service
    Great picture, VERY easy to use, versatile and attractive. Just the right size. I received the unit with the glass in the additional frame broken and sent an email to PORTABLE USA about a replacement. Received a call within the hour and the problem was resolved to my satisfaction by a knowledgeable and VERY courteous person. I LIKE THIS COMPANY !!...more info
  • Great gift
    I bought this for my mom for her birthday and she has it proudly displayed in the family room. Great picture and very easy to use. She was tickled pink by it....more info
  • Excellent Frame
    I am very please with this frame. The color and clarity of the screen is the best I have seen, remote is easy to use. Couldn't be happier....more info
  • Arrived broken
    The first one arrived broken and the replacement also arrived broken. the funny thing was the second one had a hole in the original manufactures box but no hole in the UPS box. This leads me to believe it was knowingly damage when it was shipped. ...more info
  • Mcafee Found a virus on my new frame
    Overall I'm happy however.... The instant I plugged this in to my computer, Mcafee found a virus called: "W32/Perlovga". Admittedly this is a low risk virus however this gave me a poor first impression. In addition I found it very easy (too easy) to change the default language to Chinese. This really happened but I was finally able to set it back to English. Now, I don't feel like I'm a novice with computers or cool gadgets like this. I've been a programmer for 25 years and according to my wife have way to many "toys", including another digital photo album. Yes I'm a gadget guy.

    I purchased this as a Mother's day gift. The reason I opened the box was so I could figure it out and load it up with lots of photos before sending it to my mother in law in Minnesota. Guess who is going to get the phone calls when mom runs into a problem!

    I think the quality is reasonable and really like the 1 gb on board memory. Now that it's ready to send up to the great white north, it's plug and play. Mom is going to love it. Of course the true test is yet to come. I'll post back if we have issues down the road. My final wish is that I wish the owners manual was available on line.

    ...more info
  • Can't download pictures
    It has a good picture but you have to leave your memory card in it to view pictures. Not good to give as a gift because you can't just download pictures on it....more info
  • great digital picture frame
    The Portable USA 10.4 inch frame works great! No problems at all. Easy to use. We just ordered 2 more for friends....more info
  • Not Sure Yet
    We were really pleased to receive this item so fast and tried it out right away, before wrapping it to give to our 98 year old grandmother. It worked great, was easy to use, and the picture quality was very good. Unfortunately, once unwrapped, we inserted the flash card again and it won't read - just keeps telling us to "insert a memory card". Hopefully we'll get this corrected...? Haven't taken the time to contact the company yet, so can't provide feedback about dealing with them yet... ...more info
  • disappointing
    I was very disappointed with this product. I give it two stars, because it does display pictures. Although it wasn't expensive, the low resolution, lack of internal memory and bad quality made me return it. After a day or two of use, an audible hum from the speakers developed. It's a 320x240. For double the price, I got an 800x600 frame from Sams Club, which is great (and even has 128MB internal memory). Do not waste your money on this frame, there are better alternatives. ...more info
  • Not bad
    Picture quality isn't great, but it is extremely easy to use...Great starter frame, but if you can spend more do so....more info
  • Digital Photo Frame
    I purchased this photo frame for my computer illiterate parents and spent some time teaching them how to add, subtract photos from the internal memory as well as the portable flash drive.

    They love it. The remote allows for easy pausing, and review. The only drawback I could see is that there is no means of making the photos appear in random order. They haven't ventured into adding videos and music yet....more info
  • Digital photo frame
    nice product, fairly simple, wish I had spent more money and bouth one with a remote and more options. ...more info
  • Good product for the price
    Good solid product, with excellent picture quality. The features are decent but the system menu is a bit of a chore to navigate through. You will get what you paid for. If you are expecting a photo equivalent picture frame then look elsewhere....more info
  • great product
    bought this for my fiancee and one for her parents for christmas.....they both love it...i was lookin at all of them and this one seemed the best product for the prices.......more info
  • Horrible Horrible
    Horrible. This thing had a poor resolution, poor build quality, poor interfaces with the memory media, and poor connection to the AC adapter. I have nothing good to say about it. I returned it. If you are trying to save money, just dont buy anything, because this one is like throwing your money away....more info
  • For Mom
    This is such a "Mom" gift, especially when her daughter, me, is 685 miles away. I think that the prices are a bit high for these products. They were in all the major department stores and also in places like Staples, but after price checking, Amazon had the BEST pricing overall. My son set it up for her as he is attending college in the area and living with Grandma. He said it was a bit of a pain to get it to work but after about 20 minutes or so, he got it working. As long as my 86 year old Mom is happy with it, that is all that matters....more info
  • Decent value for the price
    I purchased this from Amazon after Christmas 2007. The set up menu was a little awkward to figure out, but once the options are set up it works well. I'm using a 2-gig SD memory card with it. The screen resolution is adequate, and the colors are bright. You can play MP3s along with the slide show if you like. I like the fact that the aspect ratio matches that of a typical camera photo, and the photos aren't stretched or distorted. ...more info
  • Affordable and awesome!
    This little screen gets you a lot of bang for your buck! Compatible with a number of memory card formats, just pull the card out of your phone and display all your pictures with ease. The screen is also a great size for constant viewing, making it perfect for a desk. With an adapter cord you can just plug it in and enjoy all your memories in living color. You may have to set it up for you mom, though......more info
  • digital picture frame
    I liked it very much. It shows a real clear picture and is easy to use....more info
  • Exceeds expectations
    Don't let the "generic" brand name dissuade you from trying this product. While the resolution may not meet the standard set by a $200 digital frame, it is a great value. The small (5.6-inch) size is an advantage for this resolution, as it does not look the least bit blocky. I can vouch for the quality of the downsampling algorithm -- everything from tiny clip art to over >1MB photos is rendered in a logical and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Images are bright and colorful, and the interface can be configured to require nothing more than turning on the switch. The various cards and USB flash drives are automatically searched for all graphics and MP3s, ignoring other data (useful for figuring out what you might have put on such-and-such a thumb drive). Also, the random mode for the 14 possible slide transitions makes for a snazzy touch. For more complicated file and video/music functions, one can actually refer to the manual, unlike many "value" electronics that come with poorly translated and confusing instructions.

    All in all, this is a very good product and an excellent bargain, providing many quality features that one would not typically expect at this price point. It even manages to sit on a desk without too much wobbling. Well done!...more info
  • Very Good for the Price
    This is much better than the 7" Coby that I bought. The ONLY problem I have with it is that I can't find a volume control. Other than that, I think it is the best value I have found. It looks just as nice as most of the digiframes that are a level above this in price. It is easy to navigate, the pictures are bright and of good quality (no stretching like the 7" ones), you can play audio while viewing the slideshow (can't on the Coby)! I do wish it played WMA's, but no big - just use MP3's....more info
  • Portable USA 15-inch Wireless Digital Picture Frame
  • 256 MB fast flash memory on board (can store up to 1500 pictures)
  • Displays digital pictures; plays back video and music
  • No computer necessary and bluetooth enabled (requires separate adapter, not included)
  • Ships in a rich real cherry wood finish frame and includes free photo editing software