DSC BV500GB PIR Motion Detector & Glassbreak Sensor
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Product Description

Don't wait for a burglar to enter your home before your alarm system goes off! Stop the crook BEFORE he breaks in with this combination Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector and glassbreak sensor! Mount it in your ceiling and it will send an alarm signal to your security system when it detects motion, or when it hears the sound produced by the shattering of framed glass, including plate, laminated, wired and tempered glass. It also offers 360 of PIR detection -- enough to protect an entire room up to 20 ft. in diameter with just one unit. Superb false alarm protection rejects common bell or ringing sounds and provides immunity against RF, static and electrical transient, ensuring trouble-free operation for many years! The unit uses 2 zones of an alarm system, allowing the glassbreak zone to remain active while the motion sensor zone is disabled while you're home (arm/home mode).

  • Save time, effort and money by installing one sensor instead of two
  • Detects motion or the sound of glass breaking for comprehensive protection
  • Cutting-edge technology avoids false alarms and the expensive fines that come with them
  • Input Voltage: 9-14.5 VDC
  • Current: 38/35mA (alarm on/off) @ 12VDC