TransTech Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Four Camera Color Security System
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You are looking at our Newly designed T series camera system. It is widely used for theft prevention, after-hours surveillance, home security and monitoring children and elderly. It takes only minutes to install and is currently one of our Most Popular systems because of its durability, versatility, ease of use and great quality. These cameras have more than double the Infrared LED's than the standard camera allowing for maximum night vision of up to 45 feet. They have great clarity and the longest transmission distance deemed safe and allowable by the FCC. This Complete system is Brand New -Not Refurbished- and comes in the original packaging straight from the manufacturer with everything you need included. At any time you can add as many additional receivers as you would like (TV, Handheld, DVR, computer). This is the best quality, most affordable four camera system on the market! Here's how it works. The indoor/outdoor night vision color cameras can be installed anywhere throughout the home or business within range of the receiver. Power it up with the A/C adapter. The cameras will transmit in color until the light becomes too dim. They then change automatically over to infrared night vision mode. As light increases the system will change back to day time color operation. The small receiver is connected to your TV for viewing. If you have PIP (picture in picture) you can watch the cameras and your TV at the same time! With your free additional receiver, you can even watch the cameras even from a second location. Kit Includes:4-Maximum Infrared 2.4G Wireless Cameras 2-2.4G Wireless Receivers 4-A/C wall adapters (cameras) 2- A/V cables 2- A/C Adapter (receivers) 1-Instruction Booklet

Customer Reviews:

  • Decent product, Good Cameras, Unfortunately I must return mine
    Purchased on July 11, 2008:

    This product is as advertised, and--for the most part--appears to be a value for the capabilities offered. Unfortunately for me, I was one of the unlucky people in this world who got stuck with a defective unit.

    I purchased the 4-piece kit (four 2.4 GhZ wireless cameras with two receivers), which would have created a great home security network, allowing me to monitor my four cameras from two separate vantage points. Basically, that was the reason why I purchased this package to begin with.

    The cameras are sleek, low profile units that offer average LED low-light resolution. Nothing too fancy here at all. These are not high end units.

    Their slim, compact shape lends them to installation in tight areas, but these cameras would still be noticeable enough to serve as a deterrent if someone were sizing up your security. Similarly, the receivers are compact and very easy to operate. No advanced programming available on these units. They are strictly receivers that toggle between up to four cameras max, or auto-loop between any combination of the four. Very simple stuff here, basic and idiot-proof.

    In fact, the receivers are about the size of your average SmartPhone cell (e.g., a Motorola Q or an iPhone, etc), just a little thicker. With some basic home improvement skills, the average do-it-yourselfer could wall mount these, or just tuck them aside next to a TV Monitor.

    It might sound like I am one satisfied customer. However, as it turns out, one of the two receivers is defective and will not function at all. I have to look into my options for returning this product.

    The other receiver was fully functioning and I was able to take this system for a test are my thoughts...

    I WOULD recommend this product to someone who is interested in an easy to install, inexpensive, wireless camera system. You can literally be up and running in a matter of 30min-1 hour depending on how you'd like to mount these cameras and where. The simpler your plan is for these cameras, the quicker it will be to hook them up.

    The first thing I did was remove the cameras and place them throughout the house for a dry test run (not mounting them yet). I'd strongly recommend this to all buyers. The issue with 2.4Ghz technology is the propensity for interference, especially in urban/densely populated areas. Between cordless phones, portable radios, WiFi home networks, even microwave ovens, and other radio frequency products, any 2.4Ghz product is susceptible to static interference. When buying security cameras, this is a concern if you MUST have impecable video quality.

    While giving my cameras a test run, I noticed minimal interference to moderate interference at certain times. It could readily be described as subtle, wavy lines that would appear intermittenly. By eliminating certain interferences (cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi) I was able to all but completely reduce the interference.

    As far as layout goes, and how well I tested the product, I tried to simulate the actual camera setup I was going to use if I were to keep this package.

    I eventually spread out the cameras and even placed a receiver on the second floor of my home. Reception was still "good", not great. Again, I saw interference intermittently. I have to admit that I was impressed when I got decent reception on the 2nd Floor.

    So, if you are not too picky about the interference, and need a quick camera system to get going on home/small business monitoring, then I WOULD recommend this product even though I didn't keep it. In the end, I think I'm looking for something a little more powerful. ...more info
  • Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Cameras with Audio
  • Infrared Night Vision (30 LEDs per Camera) for up to 45 ft of Night Vision Range
  • New Slim Powerful 2.4Ghz receiver 4 channels