D-Link DSM-210 Internet Photo Frame
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  • Great frame with few cons
    D-link is known for their terrible QA department, and this frame is not an exception. Had to RMA the first one I got (not from Amazon), it kept rebooting.

    The second one works great. Frame is thin enough to be hung on the wall, very light, the screen is large and bright. Best part of course is the built-in wireless.

    Antenna is very strong and I was able to pick up SSIDs from really far away. It took me a little while to get my wireless key to work, but once it works it is rock solid. Framechannel (online streaming of photos) is a good idea, though you are limited to 99 pictures per stream. I don't know why. I am streaming pics from Facebook and Picasa. Picasa is weak, b/c only one album at a time can be selected. Facebook on the other hand works well.

    It can also grab pics from NAS. I have not had a chance to try it out yet.

    Now on to cons. Frame shuts off after 15 minutes if it does not detect motion with built-in motion detector. Which is cool, but the only other way to shut it off is to physically switch it off on the back. Annoying. Would be awesome if I could shut it off via remote.

    Remote is WEAK. It is tiny and signal is not strong enough. No power button on the remote. Basically, remote sucks.

    Picture from internal frame or memory cards play only in order. Random play option would've been awesome.

    Overall, I still give it 4 stars, as you can live with cons. I hope new firmware version would resolve some of the issues. ...more info
  • Great idea, but has some kinks in execution
    Streaming content via web is nice, but there is a limit of 99 pictures on the channel.

    The Dlink interface for uploading and managing pictures online is not very good. Picassa desktop software is good, but still not great for the frame, because the web upload doesn't synchronize with the desktop software. I have to figure out what to add/remove/upload.

    The local disk on the frame isn't accessible via the home network. So, managing pictures has to be done with the remote, directly on the frame, one picture at a time. This is really annoying. It also can't display pictures directly from a memory stick or SD card. Those pictures need to be transfered to the frame memory... one at a time. There is a Yahoo Widgets software option for moving pictures using the computer to the frame over the home network, but its really funky software, and you have to scroll through the pictures one at a time to manage them, too.

    These are all good ideas, but I'm looking forward to the next generation of implementation....more info
  • The DSM-210 keeps all the same functionality of standard digital photo frames with the added benefit of viewing pictures from the Internet as well as UPnP servers.
  • Network security is always important which is why the DSM-210 supports the latest wireless security measures.
  • Combining the function of a digital photo frame and the convenience of the Internet, the DSM-210 Internet Photo Frame is a great gift for friends and family around the country.