AverMedia AverDVR Hybrid NV5000 DVR Card, 120 FPS, 4 Channel
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Product Description

The AVerDVR NV5000 Series HYBRID Surveillance Platform features a comprehensive, yet user-friendly Windows-based digital surveillance recording (DVR) solution. It provides remote recording & monitoring, digital video archiving, password protection, audio and video recording synchronization, and much more. Expandable from 4 to 16 cameras, the AVerDVR NV5000 Series provides the tools needed for total security in virtually any environment. Now you also have the added advantage of incorporating the best in CCTV Analog cameras as well IP cameras into a meshed Hybrid environment!!

  • 4 Camera Inputs (Expandable to 16 Camera)
  • 120 FPS Recording and Viewing
  • Supports both Analog and IP Cameras
  • Adjustable Frame Rate and Resolution on each Camera
  • Powerful search by Date, Time, Camera, Area,