Easy Touch 1GB ET-3037 MP4 LCD 2.4 inch Player w/ SD Slot
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Product Description

The 3037 elegant multimedia player, which comes with wide LCD screen 2,4", digital camera and mini SD cart slot. It gives opportunity for playing movies, pictures, music. Additionally allow to record music, sound, pictures with adjusted quality level. Additional player features - battery state indication, after beeing connected with computer it is seen as mobile disc, games built -in, Build in digital camera 1,3MB. Dictaphone - build high quality microphone, WAV (23Kb/s), ACT (8Kb/s): voice recording formats.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not exactly what was described.
    I just got my Easy Touch ET-3037 Delight today. Let me start by saying I was extremely disappointed because the product is not what was described on Amazon. The description of the item I ordered was "Easy Touch 1GB MP4 Video Player, 4"LCD Display, JPG pictures, MP3 FM AM Player,Ultra Slim MP3 player, (Silver) ET-3037, USB Charger/ 8 Hours Opt. Time, AVI, Divx by EasyTouch". I have been trying for weeks to find a compact MP3 player with a built in radio tuner that is capable of both AM and FM reception. When I came across this listing on Amazon, I thought I had finally found what I was looking for. Getting an MP4 player with a 4" LCD display was just a bonus. Unfortunately, the product only bears a slight resemblance to the description.

    To begin with, the entire device is only 3.6" along the diagonal. The device dimensions are about 3.3" x 2" x 0.5". The video display panel is about 2.4" on the diagonal (1.9" x 1.5").

    Next, there is no AM tuner. This was probably the biggest disappointment for me. The entire reason I purchased this item was because it was the only MP3 player currently in production that was listed as having an AM/FM radio. Furthermore, while the manuals indicate that there's an FM tuner, the software/firmware that comes pre-installed with the unit doesn't have the FM radio as an option on any of the menus. To be fair, there is some software that comes with the device that may include an update that I haven't installed yet. I'll never know, since I'm going to return the device because it is NOT what I wanted.
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  • MP3 Powering - Built in Lithum Battery + USB Charger
  • Music Format - MP3, WMA, AMV - video playing, WAV - radio/voice recording, ACT- press the button to record voice/radio, JPG - rendering pictures,
  • DVD size - 53 (W) x 87 (L) x 12 (H) [mm]
  • Maximum operating time - 8 hours