Cherry ST-1044 USB Common Access Card Smartcard Reader
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Product Description

This is a USB card reader for Common Access Card, Military ID Card, DoD ID Card, and smart card. Compatible with middleware such as ActivCard Gold, ActivClient, and NegSign for Army, DoD and government secure login. From the manufacturer: Whether for access authentication, network log-on or smartcard-based Internet transactions - the stand alone Smartcard Reader with USB connection is specially designed to get the job done. Key benefits High quality USB smartcard reader Single-hand operation Smartcard reader in accordance with PC/SC specification CT-Api supported Supported Smartcard Protocols: T=0, T=1, S=8, S=9 and S=10 Decisive advantages USB connection Powerful stand-alone chip card reader With demo applications: Geldkarte Value Checker and GSM tool Simple installation 1 light emitting diode (duo LED) as status display Suitable for Cherry's Blue Line series data input devices Applications Using the corresponding applications software, the Smartcard Reader can be used for home banking, digital signatures, Internet payments, access control, data encryption or Public Key Infrastructure (digital signatures at company level or cross-company).

  • USB Interface
  • Plug & Play on XP and Vista
  • Compatible with ActivCard Gold, ActivClient, NegSign
  • Install guide and driver software CD are included
  • Supprots Windows 2000/NT/98, Linux and Mac OSX