HTC Mogul XV6800 PPC6800 P4000 Lithium li-ion 3.7v 2400 mAh Battery with Grey Extended Battery Back Cover (Must Use Extended Battery Cover Provided)
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Extended Lithium-Ion battery suitable for HTC Mogul XV6800 PPC6800 P4000

Customer Reviews:

  • Great battery, cover shows wear
    I have been really grateful for this battery. It lasts several days (I haven't bothered to measure how many). I plug it in as needed, but it has never been a hassle. Shipment was just as agreed. The paint on the sharp edges of the cover is wearing away--it looks less professional now....more info
  • Great idea
    Received with no problems. Battery only lasts slightly longer than the mfg original and when in use, the phone will not fit in the holster. Now I need to find a fatter aftermarket holster. Happy with purchase for price paid though, thanks...more info
    If you have the Mogul you know the battery life is poor. This battery makes the Mogul a better phone. One charge when you go to sleep and you can leave your car charger at home because the charge will last a good two days on standby. Like with all batteries, you should not overcharge your battery. I would suggest turning off your device while being charged that way your Mogul will not get hot during the charging process. Your battery will be happier for it too. ...more info
  • Not much better than the regular battery.
    The battery works just fine nothing wrong with it. But if you compare it to the normal battery, it really isn't much better. It might even be worse than my mogul's regular battery was messed up....more info
  • (Must use the extended battery cover provided) Battery will add appx. 1/4 inch thickness
  • Extended Lithium-Ion battery suitable for HTC Mogul XV6800 PPC6800 P4000
  • Provides extended talk and standby times over standard capacity batteries
  • Advanced lithium-ion technology keeps phone working at optimum performance 3.7V 2400mAh