Sentry Eye PIR IR Camera and DVR All in One Digital Video Recorder 1N1
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Product Description

This device offers IR Covert Camera and DVR all-in-one solution. Multiple components or tricky wiring are no longer required. Built in Solid state DVR records audio & video to SD card. With this new generation Sentry Eye video camera and digital video recorder which is equiped with human body heat detection technology, you can install greater peace of mind for a fraction of the cost. The Sentry Eye Mini camera DVR added security and ultimate control for whatever you want to monitor, the office, your home, the baby's nursery, the warehouse... The Sentry Eye Mini camera DVR added security and ultimate control. Position the camera at your front door or hallway, then simply plug in your SD Memory Card (For limited time, Bonus 1GB SD card included), and the 5V power supply (included) or charge Built in Rechargeable Li-on battery, it start monitoring and recording. You can use up to a 1GB on your SD Memory Card which takes up to 30,000 images. This Mini portable security digital recorder also can be connecting with any standard security cameras. Video is stored on the SD card for portability, It also has on screen menus, manual, time or motion activated recording, frame by frame video review, and more. Just like a full size DVR, video can be output to any video monitor or you can easily retrieve the SD memory card and import the video into virtually any computer for archiving and more detailed analysis. This is most cost effective camera plus DVR solution. It also suited for covert installation into objects.

Customer Reviews:

  • It's heat activated, not heat and motion.....misleading
    I got this to catch a problem neighbor trespassing outdoors. I'm putting it up under my eaves. I like the quality of the video even in very low light. The onboard battery doesn't really last long so you need AC available and if you plug it in and can't get any video output reverse the red and yellow plugs on your tv---mine is switched someplace probably on the camera itself but it's no big problem because it works. You have to have a TV with RCA/F jacks to enter the setup of this unit. This thing is not cheap but it's about the cheapest unit of its type that you can find anyplace and some places charge a whole bunch more for this than amazon does. This unit does not support SDHC only SD so your card is limited to 2 gig which is actually quite a lot of video recording. You can plug this into your computer and windows sees it with the mass storage driver or you can pull the card out and plug it into any reader to play the videos; you can view files on a computer but you can't enter the setup except with a TV set.

    I would have preferred they make it a little more weather resistant but those seemed to cost more. This looks like a motion detector for a outdoor light, I'm going to hang it up under my eaves to watch my driveway area, it should be ok there and protected from the elements I just have to hope stupid doesn't figure out what it is and take the card out of it because it's pretty obvious what this is when you're up close to it. ...more info
  • 420 TVL CCD PIR IR Camera f3.7mm Wide Angle Lens
  • built in Solid state DVR records audio & video to SD card
  • Human body heat detection motion activating Recroding
  • Video can be output to any video monitor or PC
  • Cost effective single camera DVR solution