KeyLlama 2 Gigabyte USB KeyLogger
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Product Description

The smallest USB keylogger ever, KeyLlama records everything typed on a USB keyboard. It is tiny in physical size, but features massive storage at a breakthrough price. Absolutely no software is required and KeyLlama is completely invisible to any software. Regardless of the capacity, all KeyLlama USB keyloggers are the smallest USB keyloggers in the world. Unlike some models that look similar, these work with Macs (OS9 and up) or PCs with both low and full-speed USB Keyboards. Most newer USB keyboards operate at "full-speed." Most lower cost keyloggers do not work with Macs or full-speed keyboards. If they don't specifically state it will work, it almost certainly won't.

  • The highest capacity hardware keylogger ever!
  • Records everything typed on any USB keyboard: PC, Mac or Linux
  • No software required - Easy to use
  • Completely undetectable
  • Ultra compact and discrete, extends just 1.5"