Zigview Seculine Twin-1 R3-TRC Wired/Wireless Shutter Release for Canon DSLR Cameras
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Product Description

The Zigview Seculine Twin-1 R3 TRC Wired or Wireless Shutter Release system includes a sender unit packaged together with a receiver unit which connects directly into the manufacturers own shutter release port allowing the user to trigger the shutter from both in front and from behind the camera. The Twin-1 remote system also includes a cable for wired release - this is particularly useful when taking pictures using the Bulb exposure setting. Plus the remote sender also has a built in bright white LED torchlight to assist you when shooting in low light situations, and a key chain attachment so you can keep a better hold of your remote. The remote is able to trigger your camera's shutter from up to 300 feet (approx. 100m) away with the added capability to operate a delayed shutter release, and also supports half shutter depress for pre-focusing and other camera functions. It is ideal for studio or travel photography, and for the enthusiast photographer who wishes to have the freedom to move around the subject while shooting, to be in the picture rather than be left behind the camera, and it can be especially advantageous when taking long exposure photos. This remote is intended for Canon DSLR cameras that are not equipped with a built in infrared remote release system. It is also compatible with all Canon EOS Series SLR Film Cameras as well.

  • More than triple the operational range of other IR transmitters (up to 300 feet / 90m)
  • Dual Sided 180 Rotating Receiver Sensor - covers all angles
  • Can be used with B settings for convenient and accurate time exposure control
  • Battery power saving design - provides longer operation time. (battery is easy to replace)
  • Bright white LED can also be used as a flashgun (both blinker and constant lighting modes)