Deluxe Webcam with Desktop Stand and Monitor Clip
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Product Description

Micro Innovations 100K PC CAMERA

  • Manufacturer Part Number: IC435C
Customer Reviews:
  • Best mount on any webcam I've ever seen
    I'm always amazed at the absolutely ridiculous clips and contraptions that manufacturers put on webcams. I bought this one on a whim, and it's the only sensible one. The stand works well, and on the back is a spring loaded arm that nicely grips LCD monitors and laptops. The clip isn't visible in Amazon's diagram, but it's there on the back. The only troublesome bit is that the neck rotates easily and if you move your laptop then the cord will jar the camera to a different position and you have to move it back.

    It only got 4 stars because the image quality is only "meh". It's not great, but it's on par with webcams in general.

    I do wish the lens was a little wider. This camera makes good closeups but i'd prefer a wider view.

    The software is little more than a driver, but that's a good thing. Less junk to slow your computer down and crash it.

    It's a decent, simple, cheap camera that works without any gimmicks....more info