Reporter Wireless Home Intercom System kit. Set of 2
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Product Description

For the first time ever, a wireless intercom system that does not require a wall power outlet. This wireless home intercom system has an amazing 1000 ft range and can work on AA batteries with average use will last up to one year, or four months in monitoring mode, without ever being turned off! The wireless intercom system is fully digital and offers high quality sound and secure connections. Use the wireless intercoms to communicate with places like your home, garage or workshop, between offices, back porch or pool, nursery or patient areas, motor home or guest room, and more!

  • 4-channel intercom system with 1000' range
  • FM modulation with fully secured connections
  • Allows up to 10 separate conversations simultaneously
  • Page all broadcasts to all units; secure link connection
  • Works with Reporter wall flush mount units
Customer Reviews:
  • Intercoms work fine
    I bought 6 of these for my law office, which is the entire second floor of a 120 year old building in downtown Louisville with 2,000 square foot of space. Because the old building has 2 foot thick brick walls I needed something powerful that would go thru. These have worked perfectly from day one and use little in the way of batteries. I now have them hooked up using a 120/12V AC to DC adapter to save even more on batteries. Without the adapters, I needed to change batteries once every 6 months, but using cheap AA batteries from Walgreens, even that was not expensive. Highly recommend...more info