Global Cache Home Network Adapter with Rack Mount (GC-100-18R)
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Product Description

Looking for a way to access and manage common household devices via network-based software and an Ethernet network? This Home Network Adapter is exactly what you need! With two serial ports, three relays and six independent Infrared (IR) outputs, tt can control IR, relay and serial devices, such as televisions, motorized blinds, security systems and more. In addition, you can easily modify the GC-100 Home Network Adapter by sliding in expansion modules (up to six) into the GC-100 enclosure to fit each individual installation. Unfortunately, most household devices such as TVs and stereos, and security systems can't communicate over networks. Top-to-bottom proprietary systems can control household devices, but are extremely expensive and require specialized dealer training for installation. Recently, more affordable home control and automation software, based on open systems and standards has become available. Even with the latest-generation home control software, you still needed to use a hodge-podge of adapters and devices, which can be not only expensive, but also complex. But this Home Network Adapter replaces those various solutions with one easy-to-use, cost-effective product.

  • Connects IR devices, serial devices and relay switches to an Ethernet network
  • Send commands over Cat. 5 instead of dedicated cable runs or powerline systems
  • Enables the use of PC-based software to automate diverse devices throughout the home, such as TVs, stereos, security systems, etc.
  • Great for homes with existing runs of Cat. 5 or a wireless network (requires a wireless access point)
  • Includes rack mount kit for easy installation into standard rack system