GE Security Door/Window Terminal Contact, Surface Mount, White
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Product Description

The 1138T Surface Mount Magnetic Contact is designed for window or door applications where surface mounting is preferred. Because of its sleek design, the 1138T contact is fast and easy to install. The switch and magnet are incorporated into the housing, and the terminal blocks are angled for easy access. Each contact can be mounted using either tape or screws. The 1138T features an attractive, low-profile design and has larger terminal screws (no mini screwdrivers required).

  • Voltage: 30 VAC/VDC max
  • Current: 0.5 A max
  • Power: 7.5 W max
  • Electrical Configuration: Normally Open. NOTE-When magnet is adjacent to switch, the contact is closed.
  • Gap Distance: Up to 1 inch