GE Security Panic Switch with Terminals, Surface Mount
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Product Description

Mount the 3050W out of sight but within easy reach for manual activation, such as under desks or counters in banks, jewelry stores and other facilities where people or property are at risk. The 3050W can be used in residential installations when a panic switch is needed. This unit feaures an LED and latching circuit and can be used as a panic switch in medical care (low-light) facilities. The unit consists of a housing that contains the electrical circuitry and magnetic reed contacts, a cover plate to protect the internal electronics and an actuating lever with an Alnico V magnet installed in a cradle in the lever. When the lever is fully closed, the magnet -- in proximity to the reed -- triggers the circuit. The alarm occurs when the actuating lever is moved 20 to 45 past the fully closed position (approximately 1" from the fully closed position). Upon activation, an LED on the unit flashes and latches when the lever is opened. It can be reset only at the alarm panel. The actuating lever, housing and cover plate are made of ABS fire-retardant plastic. Dimensions of the unit are 1.77" W x 2.90" L x 0.76" H (4.50 cm W x 7.37 cm L x 1.93 cm H). The unit has 12 feet of jacket lead. The device mounts to the surface with two No. 6 combo-head screws, 5/8" and 1 1/4".

  • Surface mount panic switch with terminals, SPDT, bi-color LED, latching LED circuit, UL listed
  • Mounts underneath or on side of desk or counter; difficult to detect
  • Actuating lever designed to accommodate fingertip
  • Reed contacts reset when lever is in closed position
  • Latching LED and non-LED models available