GE Security Shorty Roller Plunger Contact, Brown
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Product Description

Now you can monitor doors and windows where you never thought possible without installing unsightly sensors. The 3008 "Shorty" roller plunger contact is specially designed for use in security applications where size is a limiting factor. The 3/4" housing makes the 3008 the perfect recessed contact for doorjambs with restricted space. It is mahogany brown in color and has 2 pigtail leads. Unlike ball rollers, this roller plunger wheel is designed to operate with a smaller surface area in contact with the doors jambs. This reduces the likelihood that dirt and other debris will clog the mechanism. The tapered wheel allows for more flexibility during installations. Use to protect a variety of doors and windows. Can also be used to protect high-value objects on display, such as antiques, rare books or works of art, where the object can be displayed while resting on the recessed contact.

  • 3/4" housing is half the length of convenient roller plungers
  • Roller Travel: 1/4" with minimum of 1/16 movement to activate the read switch
  • Drill only one hole for installation
  • Magnet and reed are housed in same unit
  • Ideal for prewire installations or as a replacement contact