GE Security ShatterPro Hand-Held Glassbreak Tester
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Product Description

The ShatterPro Plus is an acoustic glassbreak sensor combined with a passive infrared motion detector for the purpose of eliminating occupant-generated false alarms. When a person enters the motion detectors field of view, the glassbreak sensor is shunted for as long as the person remains in the area. The sensor can be wired into a 24-hour perimeter loop, free from concerns about false alarms generated by a noisy environment. It can also function as a combined PIR/glassbreak with individual alarm outputs to the panel for separate zoning. A simple hand clap feature lets the user confirm that the sensor is operational, or a handheld tester can be activated at close range.

  • 24-hour acoustic glassbreak application
  • Motion-sensitive sensor determines if area is occupied and eliminates residentgenerated false alarms
  • Combines high-quality ShatterPro II analysis with SureShot motion signal analysis and detection patterns
  • Two-relay output arms either perimeter, interior loop, or both
  • Operates with one 9V battery