GE Security Surface Screw Mount Terminal Contact, Closed Loop, 1" Gap Size
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Product Description

The 1038T Surface Mount Terminal Contact is designed for window and door applications where a surface mount contact is preferred. Thanks to its unique design, the 1038T is fast and easy to install (Tape Or Screw Mounting). The switch and magnet are incorporated into the cover housings, and the terminal blocks are angled for easy access. Simply mount the base plate using tape or mounting screws (provided), connect the wires to the angled terminal blocks and slide the cover housing until it snaps in place. In the unlikely event that the switch needs replacing, just push the cover housing down and slide it off. This reduces replacement time and eliminates any damage to the mounting surface which is typical with traditional surface mount contacts. The 1038T features an attractive, low-profile design and a 1" operating gap.

  • Simple to install security sensor
  • Attractive low-profile design with 1" gap distance
  • Operating Temperature: Minimum -40.0 F; Maximum 150.0 F
  • Operating Voltage: 100.0 V
  • Power (Watts): 7.5 VA