GE Security PrecisionLine Dual Technology (DT) Motion Sensor, 35' with Pet Immune
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Product Description

The RCR detector combines range-controlled radar (RCR) technology with a passive infrared (PIR) system to increase false alarm immunity by allowing it to sense human-sized objects within a specified range. Both the RCR and PIR systems must be triggered to set off an alarm, unless in radar only mode. With the RCR-PET, each zone is factory calibrated to ignore animals up to 80 lbs, and still detect human-size objects. The detector is designed to use a 12VDC power supply provided by a UL Listed alarm control panel.

  • Dual Technology Motion Sensor
  • Pet Immune up to 80 lbs.
  • Selectable range up to 35 feet (10.7m) - Internal jumper allows radar range selection to optimize coverage.
  • LED indicator - A multi-color LED provides detector status.
  • Opaque Fresnel lens - Blocks visible light.