GE Security Wireless Mirror Optic PIR Motion Sensor, Wall Mount
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Product Description

Dont leave your property unprotected from intrusion. With GEs AP series passive infrared motion detector you will not have to. This Wireless SharpShooterTM passive infrared detector is an advanced PIR highly sensitive to moving infrared sources while offering increased immunity to RFI, vibration, static, stray light, rapid temperature changes, and other false alarm sources. This motion sensor uses a true curtain barrier, a feature that is unique to this advanced line of sensors. These infrared barriers provide continuous floor-to-ceiling coverage for superior detection and undercrawl protection. It is ideal for use in large rooms, narrow corridors, and stairwells. Its small and unobtrusive design makes for easy installation and if for use with GE wireless receivers. It is compatible with most major wireless transmitters and especially useful in many harsh environments.

  • Provide detection inside an enclosed structure
  • Powered by included long-life lithium batteries
  • Three-minute motion lockout to conserve battery life
  • Optional lenses available for different applications
  • Compatible with most major wireless transmitters