Ge Security ShatterPro Crystal Glassbreak Sensor
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Product Description

GE Security's Wireless ShatterPro provides excellent false alarm immunity without compromising detection. This Omnidirectional glassbreak sensor provides 360 coverage and is ideal for applications where hard-wired acoustic sensors are impractical. These glassbreak detectors will identify and qualify multiple groups of data from three different frequency ranges to determine whether any of the sounds present match the signature of breaking glass. The low-profile sensor housing accepts most wireless transmitters inside the back box. Each sensor comes with a mounting bracket for larger transmitters.

  • 360 degree x 20 ft. coverage
  • Responds to frequencies generated by breaking glass Batteries included
  • Two 3 Volt lithium batteries included (5 years typical battery life)
  • 14-120-degree F operating temperature
  • Dimensions: 4.24" W X 3.13" H X 1.70" D