GE Security Wireless Mirror Optic PIR Motion Sensor, With Pet Immunity
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Product Description

The AP100PI has been specifically designed for applications where the user wishes to allow pets to move around the protected area, while the system is armed. By combining custom designed mirror optics with an exclusive ASIC, the sensor provides peace of mind that property is perfectly protected without the worry of false alarms from household pets. It is designed to be immune to pets up to 44 lbs and has an adjustable PIR range for smaller rooms, making the detector even more stable, without compromising its excellent detection. Solid curtains of detection are also featured in the AP100PI. Full under-crawl protection gives maximum security while the special characteristics of a curtain ensure not only better intruder detection but also better PIR stability. The AP100PI has been designed specifically for easy installation. Details such as the snap-in electronics allow rapid wiring while the mirror optic curtains ensure easy installation and excellent detection every time.

  • Ignores pets up to 44 lbs
  • Snap-in electronics provided for trouble free installation
  • Adaptive 4D signal processing analyzes size, speed and shape
  • True curtain "barrier" coverage pattern