GE Security CareGard Emegency Notification System (with KeySafe)
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Product Description

CareGard is an emergency notification system. It includes the control panel and a panic sensor worn as a pendant or watch. The panel controls all functions, processes signals from sensors and reports emergencies through the phone line. Sensors can be used throughout the installation site to activate the emergency notification system, monitor environmental conditions, warn of fire or carbon monoxide and check activity. The control panel reports emergencies through the phone line when your personal help button or the CALL button on the panel is pressed. The panel allows up to 24 wireless sensors to be added to the system. CareGard also supports GE Interlogix repeaters that expand the range of the wireless sensors. Forty-three programmable options allow you to customize the system to each installation environment. Using remote phone control, you can listen in, talk, or have a 2-way conversation. The panel voice aids in programming and system operation. CareGard can be a monitored system that sends messages to a central monitoring station using Contact ID (CID) formats or to a number pager carried by a designated user. CareGard can monitor AC power, the backup battery and the sensors. Built-in 2-way voice capability with VOX (voice-activated switching) provides emergency contact with the central monitoring station. The panel can report emergencies to an additional land line phone location or cell phone using Voice Event Notification with instant 2-way voice. Your personal help button is a water resistant wireless device worn on the wrist, as a pendant or on a belt. The help button can also be mounted on a wall. Just push the button and CareGard springs into action. CareGard automatically dials help in an emergency. You can communicate vital information, talking and hearing back through the two-way speakerphone capability of the CareGard panel. In seconds you will be connected with someone who can help.

  • Personal Emergency Notification system includes Control Panel and one Panic Sensor (can be worn as pendant or on wrist) and all necessary cords; plus Keysafe Slimline Pushbutton Combination Keybox (holds 2 keys)
  • Easy installation! No tools required.
  • Works with existing phone lines and a standard wall outlet.
  • Dependable Call Button with up to 150-foot range.
  • Built-in rechargeable back-up power with low battery alarm.