Unlocked Tri Band Wrist Watch GSM Cellphone with 1.3 Mpx Camera --Video-- MP3 MP4 player--Sound recorder--SMS-Text Messaging-- Speakerphone w/Bluetooth Headset and Touch Screen
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Product Description

This Tri-band GSM Touch-Screen Cell phone Watch is the newest in cutting-edge technology!!! This stylish sports watch phone is compatible with USA GSM cell phone providers that use a SIM card such as Cingular, T-mobile, AT&T etc. Just install your SIM card and go! It's very easy to use. The phone has a 1.3" TFT-LCD color Touch-Screen. It supports SMS, MMS, WAP, MP3, MP4, and much more. Additionally, it boasts long battery life for extended talking capabilities and comes with ear phones for hands-free calls!!! This phone works with GSM networks 900/1800/1900 MHz. It should work with any GSM carrier as long as you have the proper SIM card. Then, just plug in your SIM card and go. The phone automatically recognizes your network, phone book, and all of your personal settings. Please consult your cellular provider before making a purchase or bidding. Returns will not be granted due to carrier incompatibility.

  • 1.3-inch TFT 256K colors LCD touch screen with High Resolution;Supports: Mp3, Mp4, JPEG, Bluetooth enabled, T-flash card and 512M card for expansion
  • * Network:GSM/900/1800/1900 MHz;Accessories: 1 Headset with Bluetooth, 2 Battery, 2 USB Cable, Charger 110/220, User's Manual for Bluetooth & Watch Phone
  • Other functions:Alarm clock, Bluetooth ,Stopwatch, Units conversion, exchange rate conversion, support GPRS, WAP, STK, sound recorder
  • Language support:1. English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese;2. English, Thai,Russian , Dutch, German, Vietnamese, Finnish, Chinese.
  • 1 Year Warranty,THIS PHONE WORKS IN THE USA, Canada!!!
Customer Reviews:
  • Marcos Araujo

    My Name is Marcos and I bought this mobile watch. I am very sitisfied with it, it works very well and gives me everytihing I expected from it. Howerver, the battery last for only one day and I got only one battery, I am trying to get another one but I am lost and I do not know how to contact the manufature. If anyone can help me, I will be glad. Thank you.
    [...]...more info
  • Novelty - then headache
    This thing was awful. At first, the idea of a watch phone was the best thing I had ever heard. then I got the thing. It's still a cool idea, but until there are improvements made, I wait on buying this thing. Here are my issues with this thing:
    1. No voice commands. You can hold up to 250 contacts on this thing and another 250 on the sim - who wants to scroll through that many contacts to make a call?
    2. My watch did not come with a stylus - this made searching/texting almost impossible.
    3. the size of the keyboard on the screen. If I ddi have a stylus it would have had to of been a pin.

    So yeah, wait till they can make these with voice command capability.

    I didi however thoroughly enjoy having and mp3 player on my wrist - was great for working out....more info
  • To much like a toy.
    Great watch and cell phone. Works well like stated. But was to much like a toy for me. So I gave it to a child. ...more info
  • This is great. But I have a very important question.
    There is an unbelievable freedom in wearing your watch/cell phone, versus continually looking where is your cell phone!
    For ladies specially, going through your whole handbag to look for phone is just no fun!!
    Having said that, the watch is rather too big for ladies and has the worst user manual I've ever seen!!!
    From that point I'd like to ask anyone out there, is there a way to setup speed dial numbers? or maybe a faster way to get to the special often dialed phone numbers?...more info
  • Best piece of Tech I Own
    I usually start my reviews with Criticism, but not in this case. The phone seems to have excellent coverage in my area, linked to my bluetooth headset in 4 sec flat, the touch screen is accurate and very functional without being annoyingly sensitive and the analog watch face even lights your way to the bathroom at night.

    As some have said, it you text a lot, you will find the keyboard impossible.
    Volume without a headset is low, which can be seen as a plus if privacy is an issue, but don't expect walkie talkie volume here.
    Documentation is poor, translated and some basics are impossible to figure out (such as lowering the screen illumination).

    Things I would like:
    1. A place that sells accessories, if I loose a battery, replacing it would be impossible.
    2. Bigger battery, as life of charge diminishes somewhat with bluetooth on all the time. I would like another A/C charger as the one I got was for England.

    Don't get me wrong, I would NEVER go back to a nonwatch cell phone, ever. I set her on vibrate ALWAYS and I have complete freedom in my calls with a headset. No more bloody holsters on the belt or "Where is my damn cellphone!?" moments....more info
  • Holy Moly Crappa Poly
    Wow. That is really the best way I can put it. This is the most excellent piece of tech I have ever had and it was only 170 after shipping. Lets see here some of the great things...

    - It is a bit big, but if you don't mind having an oversized watch it is WELL WELL worth the size. In fact, after only a day of wearing it I was used to it.
    - It is what it is. Its not the most high quality product, but it is a:
    1. Watch (a very sweet one)
    2. Phone (Dick Tracy style)
    3. Camera (not bad... really not bad)
    4. MP3 Player - and this is my favorite part... more about that later
    5. Video Player
    6. Organizer
    7. And a bunch of other stuff!

    ALL ON YOUR FRIGGIN WRIST! You cannot beat that. No one around really has them so its still a sweet novelty.

    MP3 player: Now I had an iPod for a while and it was great. But I really only used the shuffle function so the screen and stuff was a little unnecessary, but I still liked having the screen when I wanted. The iPod was just too much and I hated having headphones sticking out of my pocket. I waited for something better. With a 2GB card in this bad boy watch, I can cram plenty of music for hours and hours. I sit and listen to sweet music (wirelessly!) and when a phone call comes in it pauses the song and goes through to the call. When the call is over it starts the song back where it left off. You can navigate around to all the other functions while the music is playing. Some people say the bluetooth headset that comes with the watch is no good, but I really like them. Its like the size of an iPod shuffle with the same convenience of a clip and wires not dangling all over the place (out of pockets, argh).

    I really could go on more and more. I recommend looking on YouTube to see some demos of this product. You can search for the m810 or m801 or m800i (they're all the same).

    Basically, this watch will blow you away. Its worth every penny... and probably more....more info
  • Great gadget with lots of features
    To cut through the clutter, I'm going to simply list the pros and cons of this new watch-phone after 2 weeks of wearing it so far.

    - Good battery life of around 5 days with average use if left on all the time. It comes with two batteries in the box.
    - Photo and video quality remarkably good.
    - Excellent storage space - it comes with a 512Mb card in the box.
    - Has the option to record phone conversations onto the memory card.
    - Excellent price for the amazing gadget it is - it turns a lot of heads at work!
    - Charger works on either 110V or 220V with the adapter, or straight into USB.
    - The watch face is EXTREMELY scratch-resistant. I've bashed it on metal spikey things at least 50 times this fortnight as I work in a Telephone exchange yet it's still completely scratch-free. Very impressive.

    - Very difficult to write SMS messages as the on-screen QWERTY keyboard is microscopic. I'm not joking, it's actually very hard and I'm 28, not 88.
    - Coverage very poor if you're in low-coverage areas (I often am). My Nokia had no problem but this little watch-phone struggles to find coverage in the country.
    - No decent ringtones, all of the ones with the phone are very "cute" and tacky.
    - The Analogue style watch has 5 bars each between 12, 3, 6 & 9 so it's hard to read if the hour hand is at 1pm or 2pm for example (you'll know what I mean when you buy one).

    Otherwise I think it's well worth the money and I've never forgotten my phone since owning it....more info
  • go go gaget watch.
    hands down the most inovative piece of technology I currently own and trust me I own alot of technology. First the cellphone has great reception not better than some of the top of the line cellphones but good for everyday use, next it is a great multimedia device you can play videos and listen to music it even has a full screen mode awesome. the watch also can play some simple games it comes with one puzzle game which can be surprizeingly intertaining. it comes with a bluetooth headset(you'll want to buy a new one ASAP), two batteries(you'll need them both cause you'll play with it so much), a 2gb SD Micro mem card, and two differnet cargers usb and one for the spare battery. I've gotten lots of compliments on my watch the looks on everyones face when I play music and videos while searching thru the touchscreen menus is all ways amazmen. there is now real downside to the watch but I will say your arm will get kinda tired turnig it to watch videos for prolonged amounts of time. Everyone I know is plannig on getting one....more info
  • works best
    This is the newest product which is really awesome and is multi funcutional....I feel proud of choosing this item....more info