Intruder Alert! Talking Security Cam
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Product Description

This dummy camera features a built in motion detector, causing the camera to pan and scan side to side whenever motion is detected. The "camera" will remain still until someone passes by, then it will move back and forth and a red light will flash. Also an alarm will sound and several pre-recorded verbal warnings are broadcast (verbal warnings are pre-recorded and cannot be changed). The verbal warnings include: "Intruder Alert","Leave the room immediately", "Make no sudden movements","Please touch nothing","Vacate immediately". This camera can be mounted to either the wall or ceiling. Operates on three "AA" batteries (not included). The camera measures 5 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches.

  • LED Light
  • Motion Activated Sensor
  • Dummy Cable
  • Broadcasts Several Verbal Warnings
  • Motorized Panning Camera Turret