LaserShield SPA13601 Sparrow Digital Phone Adapter
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Product Description

LaserShield SPA13601 Sparrow Digital Phone Adapter The InstantShield Sparrow Broadband Adapter equips your LaserShield Instant Security System with an optional professional monitoring feature via the Internet. The Sparrow effortlessly plugs directly into your LaserShield Master Alarm unit and immediately triggers the 24/7 monitoring service. Many experts predict that traditional phone lines will soon be a thing of the past. If you own an alarm, you may have discovered that when you switched to a digital telephone service plan, you couldn't monitor your alarm system. The LaserSheild Sparrow offers you an affordable solution. The Sparrow connects to a router via an Ethernet cable, and to the master alarm unit by a standard telephone cord. At regular intervals throughout the day, the monitoring service sends a signal to the Sparrow to confirm it is operational. If the Sparrow does not respond back due because of a power loss or if you lose its Internet connection, the monitoring service will notify you. Ideal for homes, apartments, dorm rooms, storage facilities - and all types of offices. Please Note: Activation of LaserShield's Sparrow service may require additional monthly fees