LaserShield CYC12301 Cyclone GSM Cellular Adapter
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Product Description

LaserShield CYC12301 Cyclone GSM Cellular Adapter The Cyclone adapter for the LaserShield? Instant Security System was created for consumers without a landline phone or for those seeking added protection against an intruder cutting wired phones lines. The Cyclone is a wireless communication device, sold separately, that replaces a landline phone as the master alarm unit's connection to the 24/7 professional monitoring service. The Cyclone is tied to the master alarm unit by a short phone cord. When the master alarm unit detects a security breach, panic situation or a low battery, it sends a signal to the Cyclone that communicates with the monitoring service over a cell phone frequency. A power cord connects the Cyclone to a standard wall outlet; the Cyclone is powered by a backup battery in case of power outages. The Cyclone does not interfere with Wi-Fi applications.