PoweredEthernet PES4018 High PoE Active Power Over Ethernet Splitter 30 Watt IEEE 802.3af Gigabit 18 Volt DC output
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Product Description

The Infomart? PoweredEthernet PES 40 series is the world's first 30 watt wide band High POE Active Power Over Ethernet splitter. It provides a highly cost effective and easy way to power legacy Ethernet devices eliminating the need for an electrical outlet and its associated high cost electrical cabling. It is available in 4 output DC voltage models of 12 volts, 15 volts, 18 volts, and 24 volts. Its high efficiency across a wide output load band make this splitter offer the flexibility to power both low power IEEE 802.3af PoE as well as higher power PoE Plus or "High POE" devices like PTZ network video surveillance cameras, outdoor, multi-channel and 802.11N wireless LAN access points, mesh networking, BlueTooth? access points, small notebook computers, Point of Sale terminals, industrial sensors, and WiMaxTM infrastructure, in the enterprise. The PES40 series splitters will work with any IEEE 802.3af compliant midspan or powered Switch. To achieve high power output of 30 watts we recommend the new generation midspans from PowerDsine (PD7001G), Phihong (POE30U), Panduit (DPOE), or SEI (Juice Box MX). For more information including a POE White Paper, please visit our website www.poweredethernet.com.

  • Compliant to all IEEE802.3af specifications except the higher input current up to 700mA. Presents PD Class 0 to PSE.
  • 1500V isolation barrier for safety. Gigabit support. Up to 30 watts at 18V DC output.
  • Full Protection. Input under voltage or over voltage, output over current and short circuit.
  • High efficiency flexible wide band design for 5 watt to 30 watt load. Peak efficiency up to 88%
  • High power with PowerDsine PD7001, Phihong POE30U, Panduit DPOE, and SEI Juice Box